Chairman of Horasis Pays Working Visit to former President Koroma

former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma & Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter who is Chairman of Horasis

By Alim Jalloh

It was revealed in Makeni on 6 December 2019 that former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma hosted Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter who is Chairman of Horasis.His guest, who was formerly the Director of the World Economic Forum, paid the visit in preparation for the 2020 Horasis Global Meeting.

It could be recalled that during the April 2019 Horasis meeting in Cascais, Portugal, President Koroma launched the widely commendable initiative for an African Peace Engineering Corps. And apart from this great initiative, he held several high level side meetings bordering on peace, good governance and economic development in Africa.

“I found President Koroma’s presence during the 2019 meeting and his contribution extremely valuable to the overall objectives of Horasis. Therefore I am here to personally invite him to next year’s meeting and to request for his recommendation of other African political and private sector leaders”, said Frank-Jurgen Richter.

The Chairman of the Horasis went on to say  he agreed with the objectives of the proposed African Peace Engineering Corps and that his organization will fully support that vision. In this regard, Dr. Richter informed of plans to organize, during next year’s meeting, a special Round – Table on the former President’s initiative.

Given the fact that under his leadership Sierra Leone was reckoned as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, the former President, who has just returned from an Africa Union Elections Observation Mission to Namibia, views peace as integral to the development of all nations. He therefore believes that, as a statesman, the sharing of his rich experience is crucial for peace building and peace consolidation in Africa and around the world.

“I am very pleased to have received the Chairman of Horasis in Sierra Leone; we had very fruitful discussions on our partnership going forward. Indeed I believe Horasis offers a very unique and strategic platform which African leaders, both in the public and private sectors, should utilize in advancing their socio-economic development goals,” said former President Koroma.

The Horasis Global Meeting is acclaimed as a truly global platform for royalty, heads of state, entrepreneurs, economists, peace experts and religious leaders, in tandem with its avowed determination to making our world a better place.

Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter who is on a tour of African States departed Freetown for Mauritania.


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