Charles Champion & Colleagues Bring Govt. Closer to the People in Makeni

During a Dialogue Session…

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

A Northeast Outreach Officer of the Ministry of Information and Civic Education, Charles Champion Conteh, stationed in Makeni recently played host to his colleagues who were invited to participate in a Town Hall meeting geared towards strengthening the communication channel or tie between citizens in that part of the country and  the Government. The discussions that were opened bordered on pertinent national issues, including the Finance Act of 2024 and the impending increment of the country’s tollgate fees scheduled to commence on March 1st, 2024.

In his brief address, Charles Champion, emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to bridging the communication gap between citizens and the Government also underscoring the importance of incorporating citizens’ concerns and views into governmental actions saying such aligns with one of the Ministry’s primary objectives.

He highlighted the significance of engaging with citizens particularly amidst the transformative changes that are been ushered in by the Minister, Chernoh Bah, taking into consideration modern communication practices.

“It is imperative for us to actively engage with our citizens,” he emphasized  further reiterating the Ministry’s dedication to fostering dialogue and ensuring that citizens’ voices are heard and considered in Governmental decision-making processes.

He also disclosed during the outreach event that the main purpose of hosting his colleagues from the Ministry is to avail them firsthand experiences of life outside Freetown, highlighting the need to decentralize the channels and scope of communication maintaining that Sierra Leone encompasses more than just the capital city.

“Our objective is to decentralize communication and to emphasize that Freetown is not synonymous with Sierra Leone as we recognize the diversity and unique experiences of all regions within our country,” Charles Champion reaffirmed.

He called on those present to collectively take ownership of Government affairs, stressing that the development and prosperity of Sierra Leone require active participation and collaboration from all citizens.

“Sierra Leone is bigger than all of us,” he declared, “and it is incumbent upon us to collectively take responsibility for her development. Let us unite and take proactive steps towards building a brighter future for our nation,” he admonished.

The ensuing discussions were not only very informative, educative but also brought out meaningful recommendations on what should be the main focuses of the Government as well as how certain policies will affect the populace and the country as a whole.


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