Chief Minister Hails Denmark for Boosting Education & Promoting Renewable Energy

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Denmark, a key member of Team Europe, has launched a collaborative effort with the West African nation in a bid to bolster educational opportunities and promote sustainable energy initiatives in Sierra Leone. The initiative, unveiled on March 11, 2024 aims to advance Sierra Leone’s own developmental goals while fostering stronger ties with coastal States in the region.

The Danish Government’s move to ramp up its involvement in Africa comes as part of a broader strategy to cultivate equitable partnerships on the continent. Through alliances such as the European Union (EU), Denmark seeks to engage with African nations on mutually beneficial terms.

Under a newly inked agreement, Denmark and Sierra Leone will embark on specific projects focused on education and the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure. Speaking on the initiative, Danish Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy, Dan Jørgensen, emphasized the importance of strengthening ties with West African nations beyond conventional narratives of instability.

He stated, “Denmark’s commitment to forging alliances in Africa extends beyond conventional perceptions. Sierra Leone’s interest in educational advancement and green transition aligns with our shared objectives. As a new partner, we are initiating a concerted effort to support these priorities, marking a broader Danish engagement in Africa.”

Denmark’s support for Sierra Leone will be channeled into two key projects. Firstly, a contribution of DKK 15 million will bolster educational initiatives aimed at ensuring increased school attendance and retention rates among children. This funding, facilitated through the Education Outcome Fund and supplemented by partners like the EU and the Danish LEGO Foundation, underscores Denmark’s commitment to enhancing educational outcomes in Sierra Leone.

Secondly, Denmark will allocate DKK 20 million towards enhancing access to stable and affordable renewable energy sources in Sierra Leone. This investment will support the deployment of solar-based mini-grids, contributing to the country’s energy transition efforts.

The Chief Minister, David Sengeh, hailed Denmark’s commitment to fostering equal partnerships with African nations, highlighting the importance of innovation and education in shaping the continent’s future.

David Sengeh remarked, “Denmark’s vision for equitable partnerships heralds a new era for Africa. Sierra Leone is eager to embrace green solutions and prioritize education for our youth. Partnering with countries that share this vision is paramount for our collective progress.”

The Danish Government is set to unveil its comprehensive strategy for heightened engagement in Africa following the summer recess. With investments targeted at education and renewable energy, Denmark’s partnership with Sierra Leone exemplifies a concerted effort towards sustainable development and collaboration in the region.


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