Chief Minister To Lead High-Level Delegation to Washington, DC

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

In the government weekly press conference held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation Conference Hall on Tower Hill in Freetown, on January 9th, 2024, Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, the Chief Minister of Sierra Leone, laid out an ambitious blueprint for the nation’s development, touching upon a myriad of sectors and initiatives.

With a keen focus on fostering national unity, Dr. Sengeh highlighted the government’s commitment to the National Unity agreement, emphasizing its dedication to implementing resolutions and fostering collaboration with opposition parties.

Chief Minister revealed that he is set to spearhead a seven-member delegation representing Sierra Leone in Washington DC, marking a significant diplomatic endeavor aims to engage in crucial discussions with senior members of the US Executive Branch and Congress, underscoring Sierra Leone’s unwavering commitment to implementing the “Agreement of National Unity” and electoral reforms. This diplomatic endeavor holds immense importance in strengthening bilateral relations and fostering international collaboration between Sierra Leone and the United States as additionally, representatives from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) are also part of this diplomatic mission.

This delegation, inclusive of prominent figures including the All People’s Congress (APC) Minority Leader of Parliament, Hon. Abdul Kargbo, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Timothy Musa Kabba, Parliamentary Majority Leader of Parliament, Hon. Matthew Nyuma, Chairman All Political Parties Association Prince Coker, CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Unit – Sierra Leone, Ndeye Koroma, Civil Society Representative, Abdul M Fatoma.

He pointedly addressed differences in key policy areas, including agriculture, energy, education, and foreign affairs, showcasing a holistic approach to governance.

A central theme of the Chief Minister’s address was the government’s pursuit of economic stability through engagement with international organizations. He underscored ongoing collaborations with esteemed bodies such as the World Bank and IMF, citing partnerships that seek to fortify Sierra Leone’s economic foundations. Notably, the government’s investment in energy projects, such as hydroelectric and solar power generation, reflects a forward-looking strategy to ensure sustainable power sources for the nation.

In the realm of infrastructure development, Dr. Sengeh proudly unveiled plans for the construction of the Lungi Bridge. He said the transformative project is positioned as a cornerstone for expanding the nation’s economy and mitigating urban congestion. The Chief Minister’s announcement sparked anticipation for the positive impact this infrastructure endeavor is expected to have on Sierra Leone’s overall development trajectory.

Social sector initiatives took center stage during the press conference, with Dr. Sengeh outlining programs geared toward rehabilitating drug offenders and implementing transportation regulations to enhance road safety. The Chief Minister’s emphasis on implementing audit recommendations and ensuring financial stability underscored the government’s commitment to transparent and accountable governance.

As Sierra Leone looks toward the future, Dr. Sengeh unveiled the National Development Vision until 2030, outlining a comprehensive plan that aligns with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Dr. Sengeh’s address also delved into critical areas such as business, budget, national development, security, and education. Emphasizing the paramount importance of honesty, he urged citizens to actively participate in governance by asking questions and verifying information.

Security emerged as a top priority, with the Chief Minister vehemently expressing the government’s commitment to safeguarding the state against any subversive attempts. The discourse on education reflected a deep concern for the successful transition of students, underlining the government’s dedication to nurturing a knowledgeable and skilled citizenry.


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