Children’s Power Project 001 as a Global Initiative to end Child Abuse!

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By Esther Wright

We are excited to share with the world that the children’s power project 001 aims to engage schools administrators and the community (ies) on addressing child maltreatment as a responsibility of the school and the community through the My Body Is My Body Program.

According to Chrissy Sykes, the creator of My Body Is My Body,teaching children about abuse for many parents and the community is daunting, however, MBIMB has been an effective way to teach children about abuse through music

The Environmental Youth Empowerment Services-SL through the children’s power project wants to ensure that this program is introduced in schools as a body empowerment subject in primary and nurses schools. This initiative has been sponsored by the Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundations to reach out and train 10 schools and 10 communities in the Bo district Sierra Leone

The Joy of MoiJoe

I came across Moijoe two years ago, I learned about his story, while he was age one. I grow the passion of kindness for this little innocent half orphan, the mother died two years ago and the father denies accepting him as a child, after getting’s Moijoe’s story the heart of kindness burn in me.

Moijoe called me “papa” and I responds “papa Le1,000” because the moment he got that, that made his day and went back home, but all these for months I haven’t seen Moijoe with clothes my heart cries I want to change this why others children’sput on clothes he remains naked I was confused for weeks on how to handle this, This silence was broken by the Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundations through the Children’s Power Project 001 started the Joy of Moijoe today he owns his own bags with clothes.

GGAF Fund the Children’s Power Project 001

The Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundations fund EYES-SL to implement the Children’s Power Project 001 with computer laptop, hard-driven, and support to Moijoe the half orphan with clothes, shoes, and other items, this support brings a new beginning and a new hope for EYES-SL and Moijoe the 3-year-old poor orphans.

Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see Moijoe needs more support to prepare for a world without a mother.


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