Chinese Ambassador Joins Sierra Leone in National Hepatitis Policy & Strategy Launch

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a significant stride toward enhancing healthcare provisions, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone unveiled the country’s inaugural national viral hepatitis policy and strategy on December 8, 2023. The momentous occasion was graced by the presence of Chinese Ambassador Wang Qing alongside Acting Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Charles Senesie, among other dignitaries, at the launch ceremony.

Ambassador Wang Qing, reflecting on China’s instrumental role in supporting Sierra Leone in shaping this strategy, lauded the collaborative efforts between the two nations. Expressing congratulations on this milestone in health cooperation, he underscored the tangible impact of this partnership on the well-being of the Sierra Leonean populace. Highlighting the substantial strides made in fostering bilateral relations, Ambassador Wang Qing reiterated China’s unwavering commitment to further bolstering this cooperation, envisioning a shared health-focused community.

Acting Minister Senesie extended heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) and the World Health Organization for their pivotal support in crafting the viral hepatitis policy and strategy. He expressed a collective ambition to collaborate with international development partners toward the ambitious goal of eradicating viral hepatitis from policy and strategy frameworks by 2030.

Dr. Zhou Hejun, a distinguished expert from China CDC, provided insights into the collaborative endeavors and reaffirmed the commitment to continue partnering with Sierra Leone in driving the implementation of the policy and strategy. This ongoing collaboration seeks to propel Sierra Leone’s healthcare development to new heights.

The launch of Sierra Leone’s national viral hepatitis policy and strategy stands as a testament to the robust collaboration between China and Sierra Leone, underlining a shared commitment to prioritize public health initiatives and further fortifies the enduring friendship between the two nations.


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