Chinese Medical Team Performs Successful Uterine Fibroids Surgery

By Foday Moriba Conteh

In a recent medical intervention at the China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital in Freetown, Liu Qiuhong, a gynecologist from the 24th Chinese Medical Team in Sierra Leone and Deputy Chief Physician of Hunan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, conducted a complex hysterectomy to alleviate the suffering of a Sierra Leonean patient plagued by multiple uterine fibroids.

The 38-year-old patient had endured heavy menstruation, fatigue, infertility and dysmenorrhea for over two years, hindered by limited access to healthcare due to transportation challenges and financial constraints. Liu Qiuhong discovered the patient’s irregularly enlarged uterus, akin to a pregnancy at six months, with the largest fibroid measuring nearly 10cm in diameter. Prolonged blood loss caused anemia, further complicating the condition. Despite the patient’s desire to retain her uterus, surgery became inevitable due to the severity of the fibroids.

After prior treatment to address anemia, a detailed surgical plan was devised, with the operation conducted during a stable power supply on November 13, 2023. Dr. Liu Qiuhong navigated through the complexities of the surgery, communicating extensively with the patient before performing the hysterectomy. Despite the surgical challenges posed by the enlarged uterus and dense fibroids, the medical team successfully completed the procedure in under two hours, providing relief to the patient from her prolonged suffering.

Dr. Liu Qiuhong highlighted the prevalence of uterine fibroids and emphasized the need for timely medical intervention to avoid such advanced conditions, stressing the importance of regular check-ups and prompt treatment upon symptomatic recognition. He underlined that, during their tenure of more than eight months in Sierra Leone, several similar cases required uterus removal due to delayed medical attention.

In the context of the 60th anniversary of Chinese medical teams sent abroad and the 50th anniversary of medical assistance from Hunan Province to Sierra Leone, the China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital continues to offer high-quality medical services.

The gynecological team additionally focuses on aiding local doctors in establishing standardized women’s health care protocols and raising awareness about early screenings and interventions to safeguard women’s health in Sierra Leone.


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