Chinese Medical Team Treats Elderly Patient with Innovative Use of Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Block   

By Zhang Meng

A significant medical achievement marked the afternoon of November 16, 2023 in Sierra Leone, as Dr. Liu Jingjing, an Anesthesiologist from the 24th Chinese Medical Team, conducted a groundbreaking procedure. Collaborating with medical experts, Liu performed a combined sciatic nerve, femoral nerve and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block, utilizing ultrasound guidance on an elderly Sierra Leonean patient.

The patient, Fanta, a 75-year-old woman with a medical history spanning over three decades of hypertension and diabetes, was admitted with severe diabetic foot gangrene threatening her right foot. The medical team, after thorough assessment and discussions, sought a safer anesthetic approach due to the patient’s multiple underlying conditions and limited anesthesia resources in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Liu Jingjing, in consideration of the patient’s health status and the surgical method’s potential risks, employed an advanced ultrasound-guided nerve block. Assisted by Zhou Shu, Deputy Chief Physician of Changsha Central Hospital, this innovative anesthesia method effectively blocked lower limb sensory nerves, enabling the patient to undergo surgery consciously, reducing the risk of complications.

Deputy Chief Physician, Wang Shangyuan, the team’s medical leader, successfully performed the operation. The procedure was successful, the anesthesia satisfactory and no complications were reported. The patient and her family praised the Chinese doctors for their expertise and thanked them for restoring health and hope.

Local medical staff also expressed keen interest in learning the technology. Kumba, a local hospital anesthesia nurse, commented: “We’ve only seen ultrasound-guided anesthesia applications on the Internet. Learning this precise technique on-site benefits us greatly.”

Chen Yongjun, leader of the 24th Chinese Medical Team, highlighted their commitment to empowering local talents also emphasizing the team’s dedication to imparting knowledge and advancing medical technology aiming to enhance Sierra Leone’s medical services continually.

The Chinese Medical Team’s contribution extends beyond patient care; they actively educate local doctors in advanced anesthesia and surgical techniques, significantly elevating medical standards and public health. Their benevolence and expertise have earned high praise from the  Government and residents, showcasing the team’s exemplary medical ethics and skills.


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