Choithram Hospital to Conduct Two Day Workshop & Offer Free Expert Consultation


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Choithram Memorial Hospital, situated on Hill Station in Freetown, will be rolling out ,at the hospital premises, two important events on the 5th and 6th August, 2023. One of the events has to do with the introduction of “Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery” in the country which will be fused with the hospital convening of a two-day workshop targeting surgeons and aspiring students from various Government medical facilities, teaching hospitals and private practitioners.

The second event has to do with the provision of free expert consultation sessions in Oncology/Hematology and Orthopaedics targeting individuals suffering from various malignancies and those with joint problems and spine disorders.

Both events are to be conducted by Choithram Memorial Hospital, in partnership with Max Healthcare in India and in association with the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone.

Worthy of note is that the workshop aims at training and transferring knowledge to surgeons and aspiring medical students from various Government medical facilities, teaching institutions and private practitioners.

During the two days, the targeted beneficiaries will learn how to effectively utilize the laparoscopic equipment for diagnosing and performing surgical procedures.

The workshop will also feature live surgeries performed by Dr. Atul Wadhwa, a Laparoscopic General Surgeon from Max Healthcare, India, and Dr. Mustapha S. Kabba, Consultant & General Surgeon at the Connaught Government Hospital and Choithram Memorial Hospital and for their convenience and benefit, the surgeries will be streamed live in the Conference Room of Choithram Memorial Hospital.

Additionally, Dr. Atul will provide consultations to pre-screened patients during the workshop, and all surgeries performed during the event will be entirely free of cost, covered by the hospital Management.

It is important to note that registration and booking for  appointment  has been closed due to limited spaces but  calls can be put  to : +232-76-541-331 for more information.

The other event, scheduled to take place on the aforementioned dates, will be the offering free expert consultation sessions in Oncology/Hematology and Orthopaedics. Individuals facing various malignancies can avail themselves for Cancer Screening & Oncology Consultation during the camp period. Simultaneously, the Orthopaedic Consultation will focus on joint problems and spine disorders, catering to individuals seeking specialized medical advice.

Dr. Nagender Sharma and Dr. Akshay Kumar Saxena, from MAX Super Specialty Hospital who are  renowned specialists will lead the free consultation sessions for Oncology & Hematology and Orthopaedics, respectively.

Significantly, both initiatives are part of moves on the part of  Choithram Memorial Hospital’s commitment to bringing in specialized experts to cater to patients who may not afford the means to travel abroad for treatment.

Indisputably, Choithram Memorial Hospital, in line with its dedication to the Ministry of Health, Sierra Leone, aims to bridge the gap in medical service delivery and provide accessible healthcare options in the country.

The hospital ,in a bid to address critical healthcare needs within Sierra Leone,  had been joining forces with MAX Healthcare in India, renowned for its excellence in healthcare services and in addressing medical needs during challenging times, to provide free expert consultation and treatment sessions.

Dr. Gowrinath M. George, the Medical Superintendent for Choithram Memorial Hospital, in a media engagement, underscored the importance of bringing specialized experts ,from time to time, to provide specialized medical treatments , on a pro bono basis, to individuals who may not have the means to seek treatment abroad maintaining that the initiative  aligns with Choithram’s commitment to the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone.

According to Harish Agnani, Chief Administrator of Choithram Group in the Country, pointed out how Management of the hospital is always poised, in ensuring that latest and technologically advanced medical equipment are secured and made use of in the administration of sound treatments to patients.

He maintained the view that in the absence of good medical equipment, health practitioners, sometimes, make assumptions or conjectures that could be right or wrong.

“At Choithram that is not the case as efforts are being made to use latest equipment to diagnose and conducts tests in order to accurately determine the right types of treatments that could be administered,” he said with pride.

He furthered that the welfare of patients is of utmost importance to Management and anything possible will be done to ensure that patients get the best medical attention deserve in a timely manner and professionally.


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