Church of Latter-Day Saints Undertakes Cleaning Exercise at 34 Military Hospital

Photo(L-R): Deputy Matron Stephanie H: Fofanah, Mark Ngegba and other brothers brushing

By Abubakarr Harding

Stephanie Hawa Fofanah, Deputy Matron of 34 Military Hospital,  on Saturday, August 20, 2022 commended members of Freetown Sierra Leone Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for cleaning the hospital through its All Africa Service Project.

The All Africa Service Project is a one-day activity undertaken by members of the Church in every August. As part of this year’s activity, the Freetown Sierra Leone Stake organized the cleaning of 34 Military Hospital and its surrounding. Some of the places cleaned include: Accident and Emergency Department and its environment, Male Medical Ward, Female Surgical Ward, Male Surgical Ward, and the surrounding of Maternity Ward.

“We really appreciate the Church for cleaning the hospital,” the Deputy Matron said.“This service means that the Church is glad for the impact the hospital is creating in the country which made them to select it for the cleaning exercise.”

She added that even the patients were happy for the cleaning because they know that “cleaning is next to godliness”.

“We know that this Church is our Number one neighbor because you have left your busy schedules to come and help us clean,” she commended adding that they will not forget such a selfless service.

The President of Freetown Sierra Leone Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Kenneth Pambu, explained that they choose once a year for the members of the Church to render volunteering service to the community where they live, noting that they will choose a project based on the needs of the community or sometimes based on request or what the leadership has agreed. “This year, we chose 34 Military Hospital because we value the services the Hospital is providing,” President Pambu said.  “We focused more on mopping the Wards and corridors including brushing the frontages of the Wards.”

Speaking on the purpose of cleaning, he stated that they are providing an All Africa Service for the hospital which, according to him, will not only be beneficial to the patients, but to the entire staff and community as a whole, noting that the clean service that the Church is rendering is in consonance with the example of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

“We provided the cleaning materials and tools. But because of our numbers were large, the cleaning materials were not enough so the hospital management provided some cleaning materials for us including machetes,” he added.

Salamatu Milton, a member of the Church said that she participated in the cleaning exercise because she wants to live a Christ-like life, adding that if one wants to live a Christ-like life, one should live by example. “In the Scriptures we read were Christ washed the feet of His disciples which is a very good example and a sign of humility,” she said pointing out that “she is delighted to have participated .”

The Freetown Sierra Leone Stake comprises nine Wards and a Branch.






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