‘City of Light Helping Hand’ Ends 2-Day Medical Clinic & Feeding Event

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

In a commendable humanitarian effort, the City of Light Helping Hand Organization, a charity Organization under Kings & Priest International Court Ministries (KPCI) aka ‘City of Light Church’, successfully conducted a two-day mobile clinic and feeding event on March 9th and 10th, 2024. The event, held at the Kings & Priests International Ministries in Benguema, Waterloo, aimed to raise awareness about personal health, offer medical treatment and distribute essential supplies to the community’s residents.

The organization, whose headquarter is based in Maryland, USA, and extending its outreach across Africa, including Sierra Leone, with branches in Lungi, Rokel, Tambaka, Waterloo, Hill Station and beyond, has established hospital, schools, orphanages, and water wells in order to address various community needs in the country.

During the two-day event, over 400 individuals received health screenings for various conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and malaria. Those diagnosed were promptly provided with treatment, including medications sourced primarily from the United States. Attendees not only benefited from medical services but also received nutritious meals and gained insights into personal hygiene and infection prevention. Clothing items like clothes, shoes, and bras were also generously distributed to participants.

The City of Light Helping Hand Organization demonstrated its commitment to inclusivity by ensuring equal care and support for all attendees, irrespective of age, status, gender or religious affiliation. Christians, Muslims, persons with disabilities, and others were treated with dignity and respect.

City of Light Helping Hands is also providing free water supply to some residents by allowing them access to fetch water from well constructed in a compound . The need for quality education is very paramount for the City of Light Mission and thus the General Overseer, Dr Abdul K Sesay has commissioned and laid the foundation for the erection of the Kings and Priests Academy.

The General Overseer of the organization expressed satisfaction with the event’s success, stating, “We are pleased with the positive impact our two-day mobile clinic and feeding event had on the residents of Benguema Community. The City of Light Helping Hand Organization remains committed to improving healthcare access and addressing essential needs in communities across Sierra Leone.”

Sarah Kargbo, the Director of Medical Services, expressed pride in the team’s efforts and vowed to do more. “As Director of Medical Services, I am proud of our team’s efforts in providing comprehensive health services to the residents of Benguema. We will continue to prioritize the well-being of those we serve and strive for excellence in our medical outreach programs.”

Santigie Kamara, one of the recipients, expressed gratitude to the City of Light Helping Hand Organization for providing medical treatment and essential supplies during the two-day event, emphasizing the significant difference it made in his life and the lives of many others in the community.

Mariatu Samai, another recipient, valued the organization’s support and care, highlighting their dedication to serving all members of the community, regardless of background or circumstance. She eagerly looks forward to more of the same.


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