College of Digital Excellence (CODE) Hosts Annual Football Competition

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

The College of Digital Excellence (CODE), renowned as one of Sierra Leone’s premier digital colleges, hosted its annual one-day football competition exclusively for freshmen. The competition took place on November 2, 2023, at the Collegiate Secondary School Playing Field on Wilkinson Road in Freetown, featuring six dynamic teams: Multimedia, Networking, Software Engineers, Graphic Designers, Animation, and Architecture.

The competition, starting directly from the quarter-finals, witnessed intense clashes among the departments, culminating in a gripping final showdown with the Networking side emerging victorious, overpowering their counterparts, Graphic Designers, with a commanding 3-1 score-line.

The post-tournament ceremony was a celebration of talent and sportsmanship. Participating teams and standout players received well-deserved recognition. Graphics Designers, the runners-up, were honored with a plate trophy and a cash prize. The champions, Networking, claimed the grand trophy and a monetary reward, marking their triumph in the CODE Super Cup.

Madhusudan Mukerjee, Head of CODE, shed light on the College’s commitment to holistic student development through such annual events. He emphasized that the primary objective is to foster collaboration and a 360-degree development among students, encouraging them to interact and engage beyond the confines of the classroom.

He highlighted that extracurricular activities, including football matches, basketball, and programming competitions, are not merely add-ons but integral components of students’ daily routines. “These activities are designed to serve as regular exercises, contributing to the mental well-being of the students,” he said.

He further informed that the uniqueness of the football tournament lies in the naming of teams, as names were given after different departments within the college. According to him, this nomenclature enables students to identify and connect with their peers from various disciplines. He further revealed that from this pool, the college team will be formed.

Mohamed Kamara, a participant from the institution, expressed his joy at the annual tradition, emphasizing its role in fostering unity among freshmen. He highlighted the importance of such activities in building team cohesion and for preparation for external matches with other learning institutions. He also extended his gratitude to the College’s Management for the opportunity and expressed hope for the growth of CODE.

Mohamed’s encouragement echoes an invitation to potential students to join CODE and embark on a journey of greatness in their careers.

As the CODE Super Cup concluded, it not only crowned Networking as the football champions but also underscored CODE’s dedication to shaping well-rounded individuals through a blend of academic excellence and vibrant extracurricular activities.


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