Commercial Motorcycle Accidents Soars

The Accident Ground

By Karifa Kello Thoronka

A motorcycle also called a motor bike [Okada] or Keke is a two or three wheeled motor vehicle which is propelled by engine or motor usually by an internal combustion engine.

Looking at the economic benefits of commercial motorcycling in Sierra Leone, it has impacted positively on our societies in many ways. It provides jobs for many unemployed youths in the country and also make it easier to access places that taxis/bus cannot cover. Moreover, the Government also received tax from those that involved in the business.

It can be assumed that commercial motorcycling is much challenging and goes with many dangers. The problems of commercial motorcycle accident are mainly caused by the impatience of motor drivers. They over-speed on highways which make them to lose sometimes resulting in collision; the riders are too careless that they hardly pay attention when approaching main junctions.

This writer on-boarded a Keke with registration number APR 739 from Congo Cross to Saint John in Freetown when an unexpected accident occurred. While approaching the main junction by The Light at Brookfields in a very high speed a motor bike also was coming with high speed from the opposite direction ,the two colliding,causing serious injuries to the passengers (including me) on board the Keke on Wednesday 25th March 2020.

Motorcycle transport business contributes immensely to the high rate of accidents in Sierra Leone which is attributable to lack of training and traffic education among motorcycle operators around the country.

Disregard for traffic rules, regulations and reckless riding by the operators is increasing every other day in the city of Freetown especially when they have reduced their passengers as a result of the COVID -19.

Speaking with one commercial motorcycle rider by the name of Lamin Kamara he noted that they speed as way of getting quick financial returns recovery for the day.

He furthered by saying that traffic wardens disturb them.

While visiting the other sick victims, Mariama M. Bangura and Ruth Kabba they also condemned the rate at which these riders speed with reckless abandon.

Karifa Kello Thoronka Just after the Accident


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