Commit & Act Foundation Facilitates Bo City-Aschaffenburg Twin City Collaboration

In a significant effort to strengthen cultural and commercial bonds between Aschaffenburg City in Germany and Bo City in Sierra Leone, the Commit and Act Foundation Sierra Leone hosted a delegation from Aschaffenburg City on Saturday, November 25, 2023. The delegation, led by the Lord Mayor of Aschaffenburg City, His Worship Jürgen Herzing, included Madam Beate Ebert, Head of Mission and Founder of Commit and Act Germany, Saskia Schmidt, Director of ONE DAY, Prof. Dr. Joerg Klepper (MD) & Dr. Stephanie Klepper of As Haffe Burger Klinimum Hospital, Hulmut Maier, Partnership and Sport Director, and Dieter Garlach, Specialist for Energy, Water, and Infrastructure of Aschaffenburg City, Germany.

Madam Hannah Bockarie, the Founder and Country Director of Commit and Act Foundation Sierra Leone, disclosed that the purpose of the visit was geared towards formalizing a twin city relationship between Bo City in Sierra Leone and Aschaffenburg City in Germany. She revealed that the concept originated during her visit to Germany in 2019, where, together with Madam Beate Ebert, they conceived the Bo-Aschaffenburg Dream.

The Bo-Aschaffenburg Dream seeks to foster collaboration and networking between the two cities, focusing on the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and cultural values in areas such as art, sports, agriculture, and human development. The initiative aims to promote socio-cultural exchange and share best practices in local governance.

The partnership will also concentrate on various development plans, including initiatives for water and sanitation promotion, research programs for women’s and girls’ empowerment, urbanization and development to improve women’s and girls’ health, and programs for income generation and girl child education, among other areas.

During their stay in Sierra Leone, the German delegation engaged with Sierra Leonean counterparts, learning about the country’s adaptability to daily challenges. Key meetings with stakeholders such as the Vice President, Chief Minister, Minister of Local Government, Mayor of Bo City, and the German Ambassador to Sierra Leone took place in Freetown and Bo. The German Mayor and team also visited the Commit and Act Foundation Offices to inspect German donor-funded projects in Bo and Bombali Districts.


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