Commit and Act SL Unveils Multi-Crop Combine Harvester to Boost Agriculture

With Funding From KETEK Germany…

Fala Village, Kowa Chiefdom, Moyamba District Commit and Act Foundation Sierra Leone (CAF-SL), with funding support from KETEK Germany and Commit and Act Germany has on the 14th August, 2023 unveiled a brand new Field King Multi-Crop Combine Harvester for its Agricultural Project to prevent Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) through women and girls’ empowerment.

Since 2013, CAF-SL with support from its donors and partners has been providing shelter, medical, legal, educational, livelihood and social support services for women and girls that have experienced SGBV in Sierra Leone.

During the implementation of its various projects, the organization found out that most of the abuses are caused by poor parenting, poverty, unhealthy cultural and traditional beliefs, lack of education and technical skills, unemployment, lack of sustainable sources of livelihood, etc.

According to the Founder and Country Director of CAF-SL, Madam Hannah Bockarie, the organization has embarked on massive agricultural activities to mitigate, prevent and respond to SGBV and to empower the initiators of Female Genital Mutilation (SOWEIS), Parents of SGBV Survivors, Caregivers, Traditional and Community Members as an alternative livelihood.

She also expressed her gratitude to the Managing Director of KETEK Germany, Silvia Wallner and the Director of Commit and Act Germany e.V, Beate Ebert for donating $50,050 for the Combine Harvester. She also disclosed that they had previously donated a Tractor worth $50,000 for the farms.

KETEK GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of Silicon Drift Detectors, which are used in an almost infinite number of industrial material analysis applications. Its SDDs can be found in X-ray fluorescence spectrometers & electron microscopes and contribute to countless material research experiments around the Earth – and some even on Mars.

With the arrival of the combine harvester through the support of KETEK Germany, Commit and Act Foundation Sierra Leone is set to cultivate rice, maize and cassava in its 905 Acre of farm land within Tonkolili, Bo, Moyamba and Bombali Districts in Sierra Leone.


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