Crime Officer of Lunsar Division & Team Arrest Suspects for Unlawfully Possession of Weapons

In Port Loko District…

Unlawfully Possession of Weapons
Unlawfully Possession of Weapons

 By Elisha Harding

In a report dated 6th July 2022 and titled, “Flash Report on a Case of Unlawfully Possession of Weapons” sent by the Crime Officer of Lunsar Division, D/ASP Jimmy J Momoh, to the Local Unit Commander of the Lunsar Division it was mentioned that following reports of Aggravated Robberies in Lunsar, one Osman Kamara {alias Fabulous} was on Tuesday 5th July 2022, during the evening hours, arrested as there was a Warrant of Arrest for him and his colleagues.

The report continued that upon interrogation, the said Osman Kamara {alias Fabulous} informed the Police that his colleagues at Port Loko were in possession of certain weapons.

Further stated was that at about 04:30 hours of Wednesday 6th July, him as Crime Officer lead a Team of personnel for Port Loko in search of Osman Kamara’s colleagues on board SLP 151 and AQA 373 respectively.

He said they arrived at the Port Loko Divisional Headquarters where they made their presence known and two personnel were added to their strength.

According to the Crime Officer, Alias Fabulous led them to the Kamaranka area where the latter identified a house where, he said, one Joseph Kamara {alias Ice} whom he alleged owns two guns resides.

The Crime Officer informed that they woke alias Ice while he was sleeping with his fiancée, Mariama Blango {alias Star Zie}. He said they asked alias Ice for the alleged weapons and he told them that the weapons were with his colleague, Ibrahim Koroma { alias Garbon} who resides at No. 2 Kambia Road, Port Loko.

He said they left alias Ice premise for one alias Effort’s house at the same Kamaranka Area where they arrested Bai Kargbo {alias Effort} with his girl friend, Haja Bangura, who also told them that, alias Gabon is in possession of two guns.

The Crime Officer said they left alias Effort’s house for Kambia Road where they arrested alias Garbon and asked him for the guns and he led them to where he kept the guns under his bed in a black pack bag.

He mentioned offloading the bag and discovered two guns ;One NP 18, 9×19 mm with S/N: SL/SLP 14/13501813-9 with one {1} live round, and One AK 47 riffle with S/N: 13632934 with thirteen {13} live rounds.

The Crime Officer said the weapons are now with the Divisional Armourer {PC 17340 KANU Ibrahim} for safe keeping and an investigation is in progress.


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