CRSG Recognizes Employee of the Year of 2023

From January 24th to 27th, 2024, China Railway Seventh Group (SL) Co., Ltd held a grand ceremony to recognize outstanding employees in 2023. Sierra Leonean employees from various fields such as mining, infrastructure, construction, and trade under the company participated in the event.

The commendation of Sierra Leonean employees is an important part of CRSG’s Management work and is held regularly every year. Great attention has been put in the preparations of the annual commendation ceremony. During the evaluation process, Chinese and Sierra Leonean Management teams participated together in the scoring. CRSG formulated a scientific and reasonable evaluation plan that treats all employees equally. In the end, 165 employees received outstanding individual awards, and 3 teams received outstanding team award.

These awards include not only regular awards such as Outstanding Manager of the Year, Outstanding Employee of the Year, and Outstanding Contribution Award, but also newly added awards such as Long-term Contribution Award, Best Progress Award, and Outstanding Team Award. The company prepared exquisite Certificates of Honor for each award-winning employee. Winners of different awards also received material rewards such as smart watches, food and cooking oil.

At the award ceremony, CRSG management said: Employees are the company’s most valuable treasure. We sincerely thank all Sierra Leonean employees for their hard work for the company in the past year, and we look forward to creating more brilliance with our employees in the future.

For a long time, CRSG has continuously promoted the development strategy of deeply exploring the Sierra Leone market and strengthening employee team building, and is committed to building a cultural atmosphere of mutual respect, mutual understanding, and mutual achievement between Chinese and Sierra Leonean employees. From standardizing the entire process of employment to establishing strong management system, from breaking traditional stereotypes to increasing trust and delegating power to national employees, from increasing the proportion of national managers to in-depth giving full play to management personnel, CRSG actively explores cross-cultural management, and has found a path of international operation and development that is suitable for its own operating characteristics and in line with the common vision of the company and employees.

Over the years, CRSG has adhered to the concept of “Family Culture” and insisted on giving back benefits to its employees in the process of corporate development. While achieving excellent results in corporate safety, quality, and operating efficiency, it is committed to allowing national employees to grow together with the company and gain more happiness. By strengthening technical training for various positions, it has cultivated and reserved various technical talents.

At the same time, it has established promotion channels for Sierra Leonean employees, provided equal competition opportunities and diversified promotion space, actively carried out cross-cultural integration and exchange activities, and created Harmonious employment relationship.

This commendation event stimulated a strong response among national employees, greatly enhancing their recognition of corporate management. It will also lay a solid foundation to future human resources management and continue to consolidate the company’s development advantages, win good reputation, and enhance the corporate brand and competitiveness.


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