Daphne Joya Pratt Triumphs in DOFA’s 3rd Miss Old is Gold Beauty Pageant

By Foday Moriba Conteh

In celebration of the International Day of Older Persons, observed each year on October 1st, the Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA) concluded its grand 3rd edition of the “Miss Old is Gold Beauty Pageant 2023” on Sunday, October 15, 2023. The remarkable event, held at the Freetown City Hall Auditorium on Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown, attracted participants from diverse backgrounds.

This year’s Miss Old is Gold Beauty Pageant featured five inspiring contestants, all aged 60 and above, representing different communities. After a meticulous evaluation by a panel of Judges, Daphne Joya Pratt, representing Miss Mountain Cut, emerged as the shining star and winner of this prestigious beauty pageant. Ina Kamara, Miss Aberdeen, secured the 1st runner-up title, while Salamatu Conteh, Miss Congo Town, earned the 2nd runner-up position. Isatu Bangura, Miss Magazine Cut, took the 4th place, and Mariama Jalloh, Miss Peninsula, claimed the 5th position.

Founder of the Dorwontony Organization for the Aged, Dorren Barrie, expressed that this year’s beauty pageant marked the 3rd edition of “Miss Old is Gold,” an event specially designed for individuals over 60 years old.

She emphasized the importance of commemorating the International Day of Older Persons, which seeks to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the elderly, not only in Sierra Leone but also globally.

Dorren Barrie highlighted that older individuals are often marginalized in Sierra Leone, and DOFA, through initiatives like the Miss Old is Gold Beauty Pageant, has been actively working to change negayive societal perceptions.

She extended her heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed to the event’s success, including fashion brands that assisted in preparing the contestants and designing their costumes.

Rev. Father Peter Konteh, Chairman of the Board of Dorwontony Organization for the Aged, emphasized the significant role older people play in society, even during their golden years.

He recognized that caring for the elderly can be challenging, requiring patience, tolerance and resilience, but he commended DOFA’s unwavering commitment to that cause.

He underlined the importance of prioritizing the care of older individuals, a responsibility that should be embraced by individuals, organizations, and Governments worldwide.

Minister of Social Welfare, Melrose Karminty, stated that her Ministry is dedicated to ensuring that older people receive the utmost protection and respect they deserve. She acknowledged the invaluable contributions made by these elderly citizens to nation-building and stressed the importance of recognizing their efforts, especially in their later years.

Melrose Karminty praised DOFA’s continuous support for the elderly and assured the organization of the Ministry’s commitment to aiding older citizens in the country.

Melrose Karminty called for a renewed respect for the elderly, emphasizing that many of society’s problems stem from the loss of the value of respecting older individuals.

The crowning of the winner was carried out by Minister of Social Welfare, Melrose Karminty, and other dignitaries present, marking the conclusion of a meaningful celebration dedicated to honouring older persons and challenging age-related stereotypes in society.

Daphne Joya Pratt, representing Miss Mountain Cut, the deserving winner of this year’s Miss Old is Gold Beauty Pageant, expressed her gratitude to DOFA for providing a platform for individuals like her to showcase their talents, even in their later years.

She called on organizations to continue supporting DOFA, enabling them to reach out and support more elderly citizens across the country, breaking the cycle of neglect and fostering respect and care for older individuals.


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