DARU BRIDGE : A New Movie in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's Most Anticipated Movie Is About To Hit Your Scree.

By Mohamed Sow

The most anticipated or eagerly awaited movie would soon be available on the screen. DARU BRIDGE is a movie done by West Africans to depict the menace of the brutal senseless war, wasteful and reckless exploitation of our precious Diamonds by the Revolutionary United Front (R.U.F), the intentions of the Rebel Leader, Foday Sebana Sankoh etc.

The RUF wanted to overpower the Sierra Leone Army (SLA) who were deployed at Daru Battalion, as Daru Barracks was seen as the symbol of the might of the country’s Army. To achieve this aspiration, Foday S. Sankoh hired the service and expertise of a War Criminal called Charles Timber commonly known as RAMBO born of Liberia.

This War Criminal had fought many wars and had proved to be an exceptional Combatant. His agents were contacted and agreements with the RUF were reached. He fought and captured villages, towns, chiefdoms etc, but Daru Town was a very tough nut to crack as the Soldiers were very vigilant and brave. Due to this, “DARU BRIDGE” became the decisive place for the war.

After a thorough research carried out by Mohammed Sow, the story of “Daru Bridge” was developed. Many questions run through the minds of fellow Sierra Leoneans about Rambo, such as:
> Who was Rambo ?
> How was he contacted?
> Who actually killed him?
> How was he killed?
> Was he buried, if yes where?

This movie answers these questions and many other questions about the war and the Daru Attack.

The movie was premiered on the 28th September 2019 at  Club Karima, Combema Road, Kenema City.

This movie starred about 300 actors nation-wide in Sierra Leone” written and directed by Mohammed Sow ( Director Sow 001).


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