Denis Sandy & 4 other Ministers Donate Protective Equipment plus Le22m

Minister of Lands Dr. Denis Sandy and four other ministers handing over the items to the beneficiaries

By Foday Moriba Conteh

To complement the efforts of Government in its drive to enhance nationwide preparedness against the Coronavirus some Ministers including the Minister of Lands Dr. Denis Sandy, the Minister of Energy, Kanja Sesay, Minister of Mines, Foday Rado Yokie, Minister of Fisheries, Emma Kowa and her Deputy on Saturday 28th March, 2020 donated Personal Protective Equipment to eleven Constituencies in Bo District.

The donation of Veronica buckets, soap etc with the sum of Two Million Leones was handed over each to Chairpersons of the various targeted Constituencies as a way of assisting towards gearing up preparedness against the coronavirus in the country.

In his address, Minister of Lands, Dr. Denis Sandy, disclosed that the donated items are to be used by constituents to enhance hand washing awareness among their constituents in order to prevent the coronavirus from being transferred from person to person through handshakes and communal meetings, adding that the coronavirus is a very deathly disease that is killing people around the world.

He encouraged them to use the items in the fight against the Corona Virus especially at a time like this when this virus is wreaking havoc all over the world causing the deaths of thousands of people.

He also said that the two million Leones donated is meant to be used to buy other items that will help to prevent contracting the deadly COVID-19.

He said that the fight is not limited to certain individuals but it is a collective fight which he believes Sierra Leone as a nation will definitely win, stating that the President has instituted some measures which implies that the country has put mechanism in place to contain the virus in the country. He admonished citizens to observe all preventive measures issued by the Government in order to contain the coronavirus the country.

Receiving the items, one of the beneficiaries extended appreciation to the Ministers for the donation which he termed as timely promising that they will use them wisely in order to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

He also admonished citizens to adhere to hand washing and  observe all preventive measures issued by the Government and health practitioners.

He said that the ministers have showed their total loyalty to the nation and to HE President Bio since both of them were appointed Cabinet Ministers.



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