Deputy Minister Dilates on Importance & Benefits of G7+ Charter

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Robert Chakanda

By Theresa Kef Sesay

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Robert Chakanda has highlighted the importance of the G7+ document and its benefit to the people of Sierra Leone. Speaking before Parliament, he added that Sierra Leone is a founding Member of the G7+ Charter comprising 20 countries.

“Sierra Leone is represented by Dr. Francis Kaikai, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development who is Chairing the Group and he is deputized by a fellow from Afghanistan”; he said, adding that the G7+ Group was established in 2010 as an Inter-Governmental Organization of affected countries.

As a result, the Parliament of Sierra Leone on Thursday 20th February 2020 debated and ratified with unanimity the G7+ Charter which was laid on the Table of the House on Tuesday 29th October 2019.

The Deputy Minister further said that the organization is intended to help countries/Member States to achieve peace and stability through peer-learning in the areas of countries to own their peace, state building and advocacy for better engagement.  He went on to say, that the ratification of the Charter will support the setting up of the proposed G7+ Parliamentary Union that will serve the G7+ Member States for various reasons including global recognition, increase in allocation of resources, collaboration, coordination, peace, conflict resolution  among others.

Contributing to the debate, the Opposition Whip, Hon. Hassan Sesay said a document of this nature does not warrant any contradiction; adding it is intended to achieve national development with maximum benefits for the people of Sierra Leone. “I therefore encourage colleague MPs to speedily ratify the Charter”, he concluded.

On his part, the Acting Leader of Government Business, Hon. Sahr Mathew Nyuma said that the idea of G7+ emanated from conflict and that Sierra Leone is qualified as a post-conflict country. Outlining the benefits affected countries will derive from the Charter, the Acting Leader said, that Sierra Leone will achieve more in the consolidation of peace, justice, democracy, promotion of good governance and sustainable development.



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