Dignity’s Triumph: Vicky Remoe Unravels Rwanda’s Success Story, Calls for a New Path in Sierra Leone

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Vicky Remoe, an acclaimed digital storyteller, journalist and advocate for African development, on 2019 embarked on a journey to Rwanda to explore the secrets behind the country’s astonishing success after enduring a tragic civil war. Comparing Rwanda and her home country, Sierra Leone, Remoe sought answers to why Rwanda had emerged as a global leader while Sierra Leone still grappled with post-war challenges.

As she explored Rwanda’s rise from the ashes of a devastating civil war, Remoe met with President Paul Kagame to discuss the nation’s astounding achievements and the factors that contributed to its impressive growth. The key elements she unveiled were leadership, communication, sacrifice, and results, all centered around the core concept of “dignity.”

Rwanda’s emphasis on dignity has had a profound impact on its people and society. The country’s leadership focused on rebuilding the social fabric and instilling a sense of self-respect and worth among its citizens. President Kagame’s Government empowered young Rwandans, with many under 45 years old, to play pivotal roles in decision-making and governance, leading to greater youth engagement and empowerment.

Through dignity, Rwandans have embraced a culture of cleanliness, responsibility, and self-discipline, reflected in the pristine streets and organized public spaces. The values of dignity and self-respect have permeated society, creating an environment where citizens take pride in their work and contribute positively to the nation’s growth.

Remoe compared Rwanda’s success to her home country, Sierra Leone, which also faced a devastating civil war but struggles to match Rwanda’s progress. She highlighted the importance of finding a unifying message that can redefine Sierra Leone’s national identity and inspire collective transformation. The message, according to Remoe, should center on every Sierra Leonean’s right to dignity and the belief that they deserve a better life.

In contrast to Rwanda’s success, Remoe reflected on Sierra Leone’s challenges, where corruption and self-dehumanization have hindered progress. She urged her fellow citizens to forgive themselves and unite around a new vision of a dignified and prosperous Sierra Leone.

As Rwanda’s model of progress continues to inspire, Vicky Remoe’s insight sheds light on the power of dignity as a driving force for positive change. With the right leadership and a unifying message, nations like Sierra Leone can follow Rwanda’s path towards a brighter future.

Rwanda’s path to progress was not without controversy, with some reports highlighting issues of dissent and limited political space. President Kagame’s high electoral victory percentages sparked debates about democracy in the country. However, it was undeniable that the focus on dignity and a common vision had contributed to Rwanda’s positive trajectory.

As Vicky Remoe’s insightful journey in Rwanda came to an end, she left with a profound understanding of the power of dignity in driving societal change. Rwanda’s successful model offers valuable lessons for Sierra Leone and other post-war countries. By embracing the values of dignity, self-respect, and unity, nations can pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for their citizens.



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