Director of Corporate Affairs Dilates on SLCB @50 Celebrations

It is often said that a great leader, they say, always takes people where they want to go and also leads in innovation and creativity. It is this strong leadership that has taken the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SCB) to the pinnacle of the banking world. But behind the success stories of SLCB are shrewd and dedicated officials who work day in, day out to make things happen.

Victor Biandoma is considered to be one of the brains behind catapulting the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank to be one of most efficient and reliable banks that is operating in Sierra Leone.

One of them is the quintessential legal luminary and Director, Victor Biandoma, who is the Company Secretary and Director of Corporate Affairs.

Since he took over as Company Secretary and Director of Corporate Affairs at SLCB, Victor Biandoma has not only done exemplarily well in his duties, he has also become a popular personality being cherished among both senior and junior staff, as well as customers who hold him to high esteem for his corporate planning and strategies that have taken the Bank to its right direction. As a dedicated and resilient Director, Victor Biandoma would do whatever he could to ensure the SLCB remains at the pinnacle of commercial banking in Sierra Leone and even beyond.

In a snap interview with Director Victor Biandoma, he stated that the aim of the Bank is to maintain standards and to satisfy customers as their utmost priority.

He appealed to every Sierra Leonean to open an account with the Bank which he said is 100% owned by the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL), noting that every citizen should be proud of opening an account with the Bank as a result of its indigenousness.

According to the Director, “If SLCB makes profit, the profit will go directly to the people of Sierra Leone; unlike other commercial banks, when they make profits they remit them to other countries.”

He reiterated that the SLCB is for the people of Sierra Leone and the people’s Bank, adding that they are celebrating the successes of the Bank and doing all their best to ensure they remain at the pinnacle of financial market in the country.

Contrary to some media reports aimed at blackmailing the Bank, Director Biandoma assured the nation and their esteem customers that the Bank is on good financial footing and customers’ monies are safe and well protected. He added that the Managing Director of SLCB, Yusufu Abdul Silla is very proactive and works assiduously to ensure the Bank maintains standards.

The Director also informed that the Audit Report which some quarters of the media are publishing to blackmail the Bank was not in the tenure of the current Managing Director, noting that the Audit Report was addressed by the Bank prior to the appointment of the current Managing Director.

He emphasized that the Managing Director is very focused and mindful of taking the Bank in the right direction and that every staff is extremely happy about the professional manner in which the Managing Director is running the Bank.

SLCB is at present celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a lot of activities that will attract the general public, especially its esteem customers.

Meanwhile, the Bank has just unveiled a Fame Plaque and launched the 50th Anniversary Celebrations in grand style.



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