Dr. Manal Ghazzawi Honored as 2023 Champion in Global Fight Against Hepatitis


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination (CGHE) has bestowed its prestigious 2023 “Elimination Champion” title upon Dr. Manal Ghazzawi, a dedicated health advocate and pharmacist from Sierra Leone. This recognition celebrates her exceptional efforts in combating viral hepatitis within resource-limited areas.

The CGHE’s Elimination Champions accolade recognizes individuals who have made outstanding strides in enhancing political commitment, policies and programs that accelerate the eradication of viral hepatitis, particularly in regions facing resource constraints.

Dr. Ghazzawi, a Doctor of Pharmacy and prominent public health specialist, spearheads the battle against hepatitis in Sierra Leone through her impactful initiatives with the KnowHep Foundation. Her unwavering commitment extends across community engagement, educational campaigns, and advocacy endeavors. Notably, her grassroots outreach initiatives encompass diverse communities, ranging from town hall meetings to unconventional settings like clubs and sports fields, effectively engaging youth.

A fixture in health-related media, Dr. Ghazzawi utilizes radio and TV platforms to disseminate crucial information. Her annual endeavors during World Hepatitis Day include sponsoring walks, educating in schools and universities, and operating her pharmacy, CitiGlobe Pharmacy, providing accessible screenings and vaccines for Hepatitis B. Her strategic workshops and policy advocacy underscore her dedication to prioritizing testing and treatment for underserved populations in her community. Dr. Ghazzawi’s holistic approach signifies a crucial step towards a hepatitis-free future in Sierra Leone.

A passionate advocate for Dr. Ghazzawi remarked, β€œHer unwavering commitment and relentless efforts are truly inspiring. Her exceptional accomplishments and dedication deserve recognition and celebration.”

A distinguished panel of judges from the global hepatitis community meticulously evaluated this year’s nominations, comprising experts such as Dr. Su Wang, Medical Director of the Center for Asian Health at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, and past President of the World Hepatitis Alliance, Dr. Charles Adjei, Executive Director of the Hepatitis Alliance of Ghana and 2022 Elimination Champion, among others.

The CGHE extends acknowledgment to all 2023 nominees while celebrating the remarkable contributions of individuals committed to hepatitis elimination. This recognition aims to inspire and generate momentum towards a world liberated from this debilitating disease.

About Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination (CGHE):

The CGHE is an international partnership dedicated to eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health threat by promoting coordinated action at global, regional, and national levels. Their efforts focus on mobilizing political commitment, advocating for resource allocation, and facilitating knowledge exchange to expedite the eradication of viral hepatitis. More information is available at https://www.globalhep.org/.

The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination acknowledges the remarkable accomplishments of all the 2023 nominees and congratulates the 2023 Champions. By acknowledging and celebrating the remarkable efforts of individuals committed to hepatitis elimination, the organization strives to inspire others and create momentum towards a world free from this devastating disease.


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