Due to Unbearable Domestic Torture… Ibrahim Narrowly Escapes Death

Ibrahim Barrie

By Allieu Badara Kamara

According to reliable sources that intimated  this media outlet it was leant that Ibrahim Barrie ,a teenager, who was residing with his aunt in Kono district, Eastern Sierra Leone, was accused of allegedly stealing the sum of Twenty-Six Million, Five Hundred Thousand Leones(Le 26,500,000.00) from her aunt’s mother three(3) days after he had left that township on 3rd June 2016.

According to what one of our reporters unearthed during an undercover investigation, Ibrahim took that decision as a result of unbearable torture and threats perpetrated against him by his aunt.

Since his disappearance, Police Officers have been searching for him all over the township of Koidu town, one of the big towns within the Kono district.

It was reiterated that persistent maltreatment received by Ibrahim, the poor orphan from his cruel aunt created the situation which became unbearable forcing him to first take to his heels to seek refuge to his uncle but unfortunately as the family  tradition demands, he was taken back to his aunt with sound beating for been disobedient.

As if it was the last beating that break the camel’s back that severe beating and other domestic violence prompted Barrie to report  the matter to the Police whom he believed would save his life and help him get respite.

As if bidding for time, as his aunt usually spends her weekends in Freetown, Ibrahim took chance of the opportunity by swiftly running away to his friend’s elder brother who is a truck driver that plies the route from Kono to Guinea. Sources close to Barrie told this news medium that he travelled through Guinea to Italy in order to escape the wrath of his aunt who was desperate to eliminate him.

Out of fear as a result of her nephew’s disappearance, the aunt rushed to a Police Station and made a report that the boy has disappeared and after few days of searching with no avail his photo was displayed on the notice board at the Police Station and other strategic locations as a WANTED PERSON.

In the same vain it was revealed to this writer that Barrie, who lost his father and mother during the Ebola outbreak was formally handed over to his aunt by the Police for proper care till he attains age 18 years. It was also disclosed that the properties left by his deceased parents would be handed to him. That decision was made after the Police, during their investigation found out that Ibrahim’s aunt had been threatening to kill him and confiscate the house and other assets that should belong to him.

It was again understood that he usually challenges her authority and had been making life miserable for the poor minor who was only 17. Those who know that family well said Barrie had wanted to return to the house of his late parents but his same aunt insisted that she should be the one to do that and even attempted to convert the properties to her own and later sell them.

Had it not been for the intervention of immediate neighbours, Ibrahim should have been dead now because she tied him at one time like a monkey, poured water all over his body and mercilessly beat him until he fainted. That clumsy incident occurred after Police Officers, who visited the scene, had returned to the Police Station.

By and large, due to the aforementioned ill treatment he suffered in the hands of his paternal aunt, they say he was left with no better option to have saved his life rather than running to a strange Land. Ibrahim finally left Sierra Leone on 3rd June 2016.

Ibrahim Left in a Devastating Mood as he was Declared WANTED.


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