Education Minister Stresses Medical Education’s Role in Advancing SDGs

Dr. Haja Ramatulai Wurie, the Minister of Technical and Higher Education, on Wednesday 22 November 2023 highlighted the pivotal role of medical education in advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 3. Speaking at the Plenary Session of the Scientific Conference organized by the People’s Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba (RUDN), in Moscow, Russia she underscored the correlation between medical education and the broader agenda of achieving quality education and promoting good health and well-being.

Addressing the audience, she noted, “Medical education is a crucial player in sustainable healthcare development, serving as a nexus between SDGs 4 and 3. Grounded in the principles of quality education and good health, this dialogue delves into how medical education molds healthcare professionals, reshaping the global health landscape. Our discussion explores interdisciplinary approaches, ethical considerations, and technological advancements, navigating challenges and opportunities in educating the future healthcare leaders.”

Dr. Wurie emphasized the symbiotic relationship between medical education and SDGs 4 and 3. “It forms the core of our exploration. Medical education serves as a cornerstone for SDG 4 by equipping healthcare professionals with essential skills, fostering ethical healthcare, and advancing SDG 3 by instilling a commitment to evidence-based practice and patient-centered care.”

Furthermore, she stressed the need for an interdisciplinary approach in healthcare training, integrating public health, ethics, and social determinants of health. This holistic approach enhances educational quality and improves healthcare delivery.

Dr. Wurie highlighted the significance of community and patient-centered education, ensuring healthcare services are tailored to meet diverse community needs. She also underlined the importance of cultural competence within medical education, aligning with inclusivity and SDG 4.

The Minister also touched upon technology’s integration into medical education, acknowledging its role in enhancing the learning experience and preparing healthcare professionals for rapid advancements in medical practice, contributing to SDG 4 and SDG 3.

In closing, Dr. Ramatulai Wurie emphasized the transformative role of medical education in shaping a healthcare workforce adaptable to a dynamic and interconnected world.

The Sierra Leone delegation at the Plenary Session included notable personalities such as His Excellency Mohamed Yongawo, Minister of Mines and Minerals Resources, Julius Daniel Mattai, Director of National Mineral Agency, and other key figures from national agencies and departments.


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