Energy Minister Puts Smiles on the Faces of Citizens 

Alhaji Kanja Sesay, Minister of Energy

By Edward Vamboi

Most people welcomed the 3 days lockdown as pronounced by HE President Julius Maada Bio who had to take this action to keep citizens and non-citizens alike within the boundaries of this country, locked down for 3 days, so that Health Workers could be given the freehand to track down those who are suspected of coming into contact with those who are already infected with the Corona virus or COVID-D, but what they never wanted was to spend those three days and three nights without light.

There was a fear before the lockdown came into effect past Sunday if at all the Energy Ministry was not to deliver on his promise of constant and stable light during that three days period, for many reasons.

First, the boredom of spending three good days at home without moving an inch, could be unbearable without light and second there was great fear that robbers may go on the rampage if there was no light during the 3 days lockdown.

This Press went to an area at Kissy in the East End of Freetown called Moeba which lies up the hills at Kissy and where there is a high population of deprived people.

A lady who spoke to this Press made it short when she was asked about the light during the three days of the lockdown. “E day wop,” was her curt reply meaning that there was a lot of light running 24 hours a day and throughout the lockdown period.

Indeed “e day wop” and courtesy of the Minister of Energy, Hon Kanja Sesay, who, since he assumed that office, has been making His Excellency President Bio, proud. Mr Sesay did keep to his promise to lighten up the City not only for lockdowns but also for normal days.

Mr. Sesay who has been coming up with a lot of innovations to make the City of Freetown bright again unlike the olden days, did put smiles on the faces of citizens by making the lockdown a very sweet thing with Nigerian movies being watched in most homes and with children laughing all the way and mummies and daddies making the best of those days.

Mr Sesay has been rated in the past among the topmost Ministers on the Integrity Score Card.



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