Erstwhile C4C Mayor Shows Determination to Champion SLPP Campaigns

In Kono…

Former Coalition for Change (C4C) Mayor of Koidu New Sembehun City, Komba Sam, who recently declared for the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party, SLPP, has on the 1st March,2023 offered to lead the campaign for the re-election of His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio.

“I want to lead my people to the SLPP, so that we will give President Bio a second term, so that he can accomplish the many developments for Sierra Leone in general and Kono District in particular,” he stated.

“Today I am here to officially declare for SLPP under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio. For me, this is a big day because, as a very young man, I have served my people in this part of the country for five years under the ticket of the C4C. However, the New Direction administration was there to ensure that irrespective of my political party, my city, and my district, we could make major accomplishments.

“I have worked with His Excellency’s Government and I know exactly what President Bio stands for and the development we have all achieved together as a Government. So, in the interest of this municipality and the entire population of the Kono District, I have worked on, discussed with, and seen the many developments President Bio wants for this nation, including ongoing projects.

“As the Mayor of Koidu New Sembehun City, I want to be part of the trajectory by making sure we work towards achieving those developments in the pipeline,” he explained.

Isata Feika Saffa, 25, an entrepreneur in Koidu Town, who was mobilizing people, described the day as very important in the lives of Sierra Leoneans in that part of the country, pointing out that, “We are here to support Mayor Komba Sam, whom we referred to as the ‘Back-to-Back Team’ based on the tangible development he was able to achieve in the municipality as Mayor.

“We, the women, young people, and the elderly in Kono District, are here today not only to witness our Mayor’s declaration ceremony for the SLPP party, but we are also here so that our Mayor will not go to the SLPP party alone.

“We want him to continue as our Mayor under the SLPP party. So, we are here to demonstrate our solidarity and to also express how happy and willing we are to go with him,” she reiterated.


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