Police Declares Bamie Coker Wanted

Escaping From Custody...

Bamie Coker, a CCTV and Satellite installer, working for ITV le wireless Company has been declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police in connection with the August 10 riot in Freetown, after escaping from custody of the Wellington Police station.

According to police sources, Bamie Coker and his Uncle were arrested from their wellington, bottom oku residence after on intelligence that they were part of the rioters of the August 10 riot that resulted in the death of 6 police officers and some 25 civilians. They are said to have been freed from custody when some opposition party thugs stormed the station, set vehicles on fire and damaged police property.

Speaking to residents at the wellington, Bottom Oku area, Constituency 114, it was disclosed that Bamie coker’s Uncle was the Constituency Chairman for the main opposition party (APC) and the entire family supported the party. It was further disclosed by one close family friend, who spoke to us on basis of anonymity, that Bamie coker was seen providing water for protesters who were suffering from tear gas fired by the police at the protesters. It was also confirmed that he took part in the protest, and as news of the killing of the police officers went viral on social media, the police stormed the homes of known supporters of the main opposition party, and Bamie coker and his uncle were arrested and taken to the police station.

Our source furthered that the police returned after some hours in the company of ruling party youths looking for Bamie coker and his uncle, in the process, shot dead two people in the area. It was then that they knew that both had escaped from police custody and were being sought after.

Bamie coker and his uncle and two family members are said to have been trying to leave the country, but were caught at the border with Guinea, as their pictures were on display as wanted persons. Whilst awaiting transportation to Freetown, Bamie Coker is said to have escaped leaving behind the other family members. A man hunt was mounted by the security at the border in the surrounding area, but to no avail, as there were many entry points that made any escape easier.

As we go to press, the whereabouts of Bamie Coker are unknown and the police have put a bounty on his head for any information that would lead to his arrest.


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