Ex-President Koroma’s Medical Move to Nigeria Hinges on Court Clearance

By Foday Moriba Conteh

In a recent development, legal representatives for former President Ernest Bai Koroma have submitted an official request to the court, seeking permission for their client to travel to the Federal Republic of Nigeria on medical grounds.

The court is presently scrutinizing the authenticity of the claim put forth by Koroma’s legal team, evaluating the necessity of his proposed medical trip. Sources suggest that the legal proceedings are underway to determine the merit of the application.

According to insights from West African diplomats stationed in Freetown, the Sierra Leone Government has signaled a preliminary willingness to consider former President Koroma’s departure from the country for medical reasons. However, this approval hinges on the court’s decision regarding the application.

Notably, Dr. Omar Alieu Touray, the President of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), was in Freetown last week to finalize arrangements for Former President Koroma’s medical trip to Nigeria.

Judicial sources have indicated that the court is anticipated to deliver a ruling on the application later this week, providing clarity on whether or not the former President will be allowed to travel abroad for medical treatment.

It is essential to note that Former President Koroma is currently facing serious charges, having been formally accused of four counts, including treason, misprision of treason, and harboring. His second court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, January 17, 2024. The unfolding legal proceedings continue to capture the attention of the public, as the former leader navigates a complex legal landscape amid health concerns.


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