Family Tragedy Unfolds: Mohamed Sesay Narrowly Escape Death

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo.jpg

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo 

According to information reaching this medium, it has been revealed Mohamed Sesay narrowly escapes death from his family members. Shedding light on the horrific events that unfolded on December 22, 2022. Our investigation revealed that on that fateful day, Mohamed found himself at the field when a friend delivered devastating news – his stepmother, Humu Sesay, along with his stepbrothers, were attacking his mother, Aminata Kargbo, and sister, Fatima Sesay.

Rushing to their aid, Mohamed discovered his mother and sister lying on the ground, grievously wounded, blood staining their bodies. As he intervened to protect them, Mohamed was viciously attacked by his stepbrothers. In the ensuing struggle, he was stabbed in the leg and struck on the head with a stone.

Despite his injuries, Mohamed managed to fend off his assailants, inflicting injuries in self-defence. With the help of his aunt, they were rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention. However, Mohamed’s ordeal was far from over.

Shortly after being released from police custody, Mohamed faced renewed threats from his stepmother, who vowed to make his life a living hell. True to her word, Mohamed and his family were targeted by assailants armed with sharp weapons, intent on silencing them permanently.

Under the cover of darkness, Mohamed’s home was attacked, resulting in the brutal murder of his brother, Morlai Sesay. Despite his desperate cries for help, the assailants fled the scene, leaving behind a scene of unspeakable horror.

Fearing for his life, Mohamed’s aunt orchestrated his escape from Sierra Leone, arranging for him to seek refuge in Guinea. However, even in exile, Mohamed remained a target, with individuals and law enforcement officials relentlessly pursuing him.

Tragically, Mohamed’s aunt, who had been his pillar of support, passed away just one month ago, leaving him to navigate the perilous journey alone. Despite the immense challenges he has faced, Mohamed remains determined to seek justice for his family and ensure that their tragic story is heard.


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