FIU & ACC Hold Meeting to Enhance a Terrorist, Money Laundered & Corrupt Free Society

FIU & ACC Hold Meeting to Enhance a Terrorist, Money Laundered & Corrupt Free Society

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Officials of the North West Regional Offices of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) held a meeting at the Gbalamuya Custom Post lounge on Tuesday 30th August 2022.

Welcoming the Financial Intelligence Unit and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) staff and other public officials present, Peter Bobor Dawah, the Manager of the Anti-Smuggling Unit Border Controls and Management of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) expressed pleasure and warmth in hosting the Commission as he encouraged his colleagues to be keen and highlight discussion trend for apt responses during the plenary session. Several other heads of entities made statements including the FIU representative.

On the role and mandate of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to fight Money Laundering/ Terrorism Funding (ML/TF) Luseni Batema painstakingly explained how it happens and the adverse effects such trend has on societal stability and developmental growth.

He speedily expressed the wish of the FIU Director David Borbor which was cascaded to what James Maiah, the FIU North West Regional Team Lead desire of getting a terrorist free, anti money laundering free and corrupt free Sierra Leone.

With respect to the Anti-ML/TF Act of 2012, Luseni Batema encouraged all entities present at the FIU – ACC Customized Meeting to own up and raise high the banner of professionalism on a routine official basis.

Also, the FIU official spoke of the specific mandate of his entity at the Gbalamuya border crossing point which include, but not limited to monitor the supervision of currency declaration regime by the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Customs Officers and the Sierra Leone Police etc.

Furthermore FIU, Luseni Batema spoke of the presence of FIU office at the Gbalamuya Custom Post for better collaboration with other security sector players at the very strategic border crossing point.

North West Regional Manager Al-Hassan Sesay earnestly dwelled on upholding integrity, transparency and accountability in the public service. He pointed out several other prevalent corruption related issues in the workplace.

Mohamed Thullah, who served as Chairman talked of upholding ethics in the workplace and Bernard Dixon painstakingly explained an overview of offences in the 2008 ACC Act as amended in 2019 were as Samuel Junisa Sankoh earlier on stated the purpose of the meeting.

The plenary session was interactive and Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials were shared among the Management of the entities.

The FIU – ACC meeting with entities at the Gbalamuya Custom Post ended fruitfully.

It must be noted that it was against the backdrop of the benefits of having a terrorist free, money laundered free and  corrupt free society as well as enlisting public support in stifling such social menaces, (terrorism, money laundering and corruption) particularly in public offices, that the FIU and ACC North West Regional Offices held the customized meeting with staff deployed at the Gbalamuya Custom Post which comprises National Revenue Authority (NRA), Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Standards Bureau, Integrated Trade Services (ITS), Customs Breakers, Immigration, Forces Intelligence Security Unit (FUSU), Trans-National Organized Crime Unit (TOCU), Photosanitary, Port Health, International Police (Interpol), Mines Monitoring Unit   and many other related public entities stationed to work at the strategic Gbalamuya Custom Post sharing boundaries between Guinea and Sierra Leone.




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