Foday Mohamed Sesay declared wanted by Police for alleged homosexual activity in Freetown

Foday Mohamed Sesay.jpg

By Karifa Thoronka                       

The increasing reports of isolated physical attacks on persons found to be gay in Sierra Leone seem to have no end in sight as the case increase on daily basis. According to reliable source, from one Alhassan Koroma of Waterloo he narrated by identifying the nineteen years old Foday Mohamed Sesay as one of his best friend since childhood, noting that since Foday met with one European man who is popularly known as London who introduced him into homosexual activity he always acts like a lady.

Alhassan further by saying that since that time Foday Mohamed Sesay found it very difficult to love or even feel a bit sexually attracted to a normal young lady. “I have always known Foday to be very secretive, but I didn’t really know that he was gay; because he even have child with a lady he hardly encourage’’ Alhassan said.

Whiles explaining to the media with tears in her eyes the lady who gave birth for Foday Mohamed Sesay by the name of Marion Momoh mentioned that Foday only make love with her once and he hardly encourage her, instead he encourages more of his male friends. She says that when they discovered that Foday is a gay he disappeared in the community as they were searching for him to humiliate and lock up in the police cell as the law demands.

In Sierra Leone, most families are not accepting siblings, children, or other family members who are attracted to the same sex due to strong cultural and religious beliefs, therefore anyone catch doing such acts must be punish or even kill to avoid initiating others in society.

Responding to the incident in disappointing mood, the chief Imam in the Community says that the act is not allow in the Country, and from religions perspectives, homosexuality is problematic because it is sinful. He further by saying that the two boys most pay for their acts and their families must be harassed and humiliated until they found their missing sons.

Until press time, the police and the community members are still searching for Foday Mohamed Sesay.


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