For Touristic attraction… Sierra Leone National Tourist Board Cleans Lumley, Aberdeen Beaches


By Amin Kef Sesay

In order to enhance a good facelift of the country’s beaches along Western area, the National Tourist Board (NTB) on Thursday 3th October 2019 carried out massive cleaning exercises along the Lumley and Aberdeen Beaches.

Speaking during the exercise, General Manager of NTB, Fatmata Abie Osagie, disclosed that it is part of their mandate giving them the authority to ensure that the country’s beaches are clean and safe which she said could be ideal for tourists attraction and good for the economy and by extension the nation.

“We are not only cleaning, but undertaking activities that will improve the Tourism Industry. We want the President to succeed in diversifying the economy and tourism is a key sector in doing that. Research undertaken by UNWTO shows that Sierra Leone  receives only a 3% share in tourism receipts and a 5% share in worldwide arrivals. However, UNWTO forecasts show that by 2030 the number of international arrivals in Sierra Leone is expected to increase significantly due to positive steps taken by the Ministry and the NTB,” she maintained.

She stated that NTB, under the leadership of Dr. Memunatu Pratt, has improved on diversity of tourism products: Pristine and high quality beaches, hills and biodiversity , Unspoiled natural scenery , Richness of cultural heritage and historical background , Geographic proximity to market ,Navigable rivers for water-based exploration, Relatively secured environment , Wealth of social capital , Hospitality and friendliness of citizenry among others.

Osagie stated even though they face serious challenges in combating the see weeds that intermittently surfaces at the beaches yet they are committed to undertaking periodic cleaning  exercises.

She further revealed how they are lobbying for funding secure in order to get more man power and equipment to undertake activities geared towards making sure that our beaches are safe and friendly.

According to her, the Tourism Act 1990 which aims at making new and better provisions for the promotion and development of tourism in Sierra Leone, is now outdated and they are currently working on a review that will match current global trends.

She stated that most of the rubbish within the city is deposited in drainages and ends up in the sea causing sanitation problems at our beaches lamenting how such destroys tourism. She advised Sierra Leoneans to refrain from such a bad practice.




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