Tourism Minister & Golden Tulip Boost Tourism in Sierra Leone


By Foday Moriba Conteh

Tourism as they say is a no sitting home business, rather, you taking it to the door steps of  the international and regional tourist generating regions, with a better and stronger pull to effect change within the tourism  sector with a smart tourism governance approach and will.

In this year’s French Tourism Fair, Sierra Leone as a nation shows an active positioning and a come-back  for business with the core mandate to reach out and take our share from the tourism cash flow at international and regional levels.

As the inaugural and launch ceremony took place at the upper pavillion in Hall 1A, where networking, acquaintances and business ideal unfolds, Sierra Leone’s Tourism Minister garner more likes and attentions as she pushes and continue to raise the destination profile using B2B toolkits and destination management sales tact (DMST) to take safe ride in presenting her country’s tourism potentials as more than ever before.

It will ponder your thoughts that in day one, the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs undertake the active moves:

Engagement of Tour Operators
Meeting new Airlines
Establishing initial contacts with Tourism Secretary of Guinea Bissau as a new entry
Taking the VOA visa on arrival to international destinations
More cultural exchanges
More open meetings

With her team of experts  the newly appointed Chairman of Tourism-Parliamentary Oversight Committee Hon. Mohamed Sheriff Rahman-Coker also has been proactive as he  meet  other counterparts in pushing his country’s tourism and investment opportunities.

Tourism is Life Tours and Golden Tulip Essential Hotel  giving and unending support from the private sector as  tourism development and promotion requires more hands to tell the right stories and push the right ideas. These two companies have so far demonstrated willingness to support by joining the team to Paris.

The two representatives  Mr. Alieya A. Kargbo the Travel Director for the fastest growing tour operating company has been helpful and professional in his area of meeting with Cruise ships, airlines, transportation companies and others. While Mr. Rahul of Golden Tulip Essentials is taking his hotel to other tour package developers for special concession and allotment.





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