FTL Offers Scholarships & Drug Abuse Campaign to Seaside & Moa Wharf Communities

Freetown Terminal Limited (FTL), a subsidiary of Africa Global Logistics (AGL) Company, has recently made a significant contribution to the education sector by providing 47 scholarships to students from both Seaside and Moa Wharf communities.

Maroun Abi Aad, the General Manager of FTL, stated that the donation is in line with the company’s annual corporate social responsibility initiatives. He emphasized the company’s commitment to investing in Africa, stating that it is part of their corporate culture to contribute to the education of individuals in the region.

Abi Aad highlighted the importance of education as a means of fostering development within a country, citing that through education, individuals can grow into valuable contributors to society.

The General Manager assured that this is not the first time FTL has undertaken such an initiative and pledged continuous support for the communities in which the company operates. This commitment aligns with the support from the company’s headquarters.

Lamin Koroma, the Chairman of Seaside community, expressed deep appreciation for the significant support that FTL has provided to both communities. He noted that the company’s support has facilitated the education of many individuals in the communities and urged for assistance in providing vocational training to others in need of skills.

He also appealed for the company to consider employing some of the scholarship beneficiaries, emphasizing that the communities have received substantial investment from FTL.

Isatu Kamara, one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship, expressed her gratitude and described the opportunity as an honor and a privilege. She revealed that, following the passing away of her father, she lacked the necessary support to continue her education. Isatu pledged to make the most of the opportunity, expressing her determination to make both the company and her community proud.

Freetown Terminal Limited has been renowned for its professionalism in cargo handling and commitment to accountability. The company’s tariff rates are aligned with the current Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL) market rate, showcasing a dedication to transparent and fair business practices. FTL prides itself on efficient operations, effective service delivery, and unparalleled customer service, positioning it as the leading port operator in Sierra Leone.

The scholarship initiative represents FTL’s broader commitment to investing in the development of the communities it serves and nurturing the potential of the region’s youth. Through these efforts, the company continues to contribute significantly to the advancement of education and the empowerment of individuals in Sierra Leone.

In a related development, FTL has taken a proactive step in addressing the issue of drug abuse by embarking on its annual sensitization campaign at Moa Wharf and Seaside communities in Freetown over the weekend.

The Head of Media and Communications at FTL, Gassimu Fofana, emphasized the significance of the sensitization event, pointing out that drug abuse is a prevalent problem in the country, particularly among the youth population in the targeted communities. Fofana stressed that the primary objective of the campaign is to educate and raise awareness among young individuals about the detrimental effects of drug abuse, which pose a serious threat to their future well-being.

Furthermore, Fofana highlighted the company’s commitment to undertaking annual sensitization campaigns as part of its sustained efforts to address the issue of drug abuse within the communities. He emphasized that FTL is actively engaged in corporate social responsibility and recently provided scholarships to tertiary students in the two communities, in addition to distributing school and learning materials to pupils.


Aiah Nabiu Mokuwah, the Executive Director of the Institute of Drugs Center and Human Security, provided insights into the health effects and impact of narcotic drugs on the human body. Mokuwah emphasized the importance of prioritizing counseling and rehabilitation for drug addicts, rather than solely relying on punitive measures. He also highlighted the presence of twenty-seven drug experts in the country and emphasized the need for education on the adverse effects of drug abuse.

Ibrahim Samura, the Acting Director of Blood Prevention Education and Training at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, reaffirmed the agency’s commitment to controlling the spread of drugs in Sierra Leone. Samura attributed drug abuse to factors such as ignorance and stress, and commended FTL for its proactive approach in sensitizing the youth, describing it as the first step in saving them from a bleak future.

The sensitization event also featured testimonies from former drug addicts, providing firsthand accounts of the struggles and challenges they faced. Additionally, individuals currently using drugs such as tramadol and kush pledged to abstain from drug abuse, demonstrating a positive outcome of the sensitization initiative.

The annual sensitization campaign by FTL has underscored the company’s dedication to addressing the issue of drug abuse within the Moa Wharf and Seaside communities of Freetown. By collaborating with experts and stakeholders in drug prevention and education, FTL is actively contributing to the well-being and future prospects of the youth in these communities.


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