Fugitive Captain Gunned Down, Dies Later & Arrests Made Against Planned Subversion

Captain John Conteh.jpg

By Esther Wright

In a dramatic turn of events, Captain John Conteh, a fugitive wanted for his alleged involvement in the failed November 26, 2023 coup, was fatally shot by law enforcement after attempting to evade capture once again.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday, April 17th, when authorities discovered the Captain hiding at his mother’s residence in Mayenkineh, Calaba Town, located in the East End part of Freetown.

Efforts to transport him to the Jui Detention Centre were interrupted when he exploited a moment of vulnerability during transit. Taking advantage of loosened restraints, he assaulted a nearby Police Officer and attempted to flee the scene. Despite efforts to halt his escape, he was shot and succumbed to his injuries en route to the hospital. Additionally, his mother was arrested for aiding and abetting his evasion.

On Saturday,20th April, the Sierra Leone Police stated that he has passed away.

In a separate development, law enforcement authorities have announced a series of arrests targeting former and current military and police personnel suspected of orchestrating a subversive plot. Allegedly planning to disrupt the peace of the nation between Ramadan (Pray) Day and April 27, coinciding with Sierra Leone’s Independence Anniversary, the individuals detained are believed to have ties to previous disturbances.

Several of the apprehended individuals were among those sought for their roles in last year’s unrest. Arrests were carried out across various locations within the Western Area.

While specific details regarding the arrests remain limited, authorities have pledged to provide updates during their forthcoming weekly press briefings, ensuring the public remains informed of developments in this ongoing investigation.


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