Gender Ministry Outlines Plans for Celebrating International Women’s Day

Minister of Gender and Children’s Affairs
Minister of Gender and Children’s Affairs

International Women’s Day will be celebrated on the 8th March 2022 with the theme: “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” within the context of breaking the biases in Sierra Leone today by enacting the Gender Bill 2022 which it is believed will create an equitable and cohesive tomorrow.

According to the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs every district will mark the day in their own locality further disclosing that the Ministry’s District Offices are collaborating with partners to conduct their own activities in their own districts around the theme.

The Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs will also host a National televised Panel Discussion with guests including Parliamentarians to discuss the progress of the Gender Bill.

In addition a National Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund will be launched by the Ministry as depicted in the Medium Term National Development Plan 2019-2023.

Moreover, the Ministry and its partners will also engage the media through the development and airing of jingles, radio and television discussions, social media platforms and other communications.


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