Gento Is An Investor, Not A Politician

Mohamed Gento Kamara

Something that is unique but very discouraging about the general Sierra Leonean personality is the appetite for pulling down fellow Sierra Leoneans that are busy working hard to make positive impacts on the country’s crucial development needs.

One such personality that deserves praise, not the hate of his enemies and detractors, is one of Sierra Leone’s leading indigenous road construction investor, Mohamed Gento Kamara.

Being that every Sierra Leonean, by law is free to associate with any of his fellow citizens, and free to identify with any political party of his/her choice, one first of all wonders why Gento, as he is commonly called, should be attacked for (a false allegation), supporting one of the candidates vying to become councillor for Ward 196 in the Karene District?

With a manifest intent to tarnish the good name of Gento as a development oriented investor who serves any government of the day, there is an audio message on various social media platforms purported to be Gento campaigning in Tonko Limba for one of the councillor aspirants.

What comes out clearly is that the author of the mischievous social media posting completely detracts from Gento’s key message to his Tonko Limba people of bringing development to Mama Salone in general and Tonko Limba.

Hence the reason why Gento said that if God gives him the power, he will bring more development to Tonko Limba to make the district attractive; especially in terms of roads and other commonly desired socio-economic goods.

Gento explained that indigenes such as former Chief of Staff at State House, Saidu Conton Sesay, during the rule of the former government, wanted to bring development to Tonko Limba, but certain ill-motivated people stood in his way.

To have all hands on deck for development of the district and the chiefdom, Gento called on the chief and all stakeholders to give him the green light and free hand to bring development to the district, which will positively impact the lives of residents.

The audio clearly shows that Gento diagnosed the problems of the people of Tonko Limba and expressed his commitment to address those problems if God gives him the necessary resources.

So for anyone to say that Gento’s statement in Tonko Limba was political and calculated to influence the pending Ward election in favour of the SLPP candidate is not only disingenuous, but calculated to create enemies for Gento.

An employee of Gento’s road construction company that is currently at work completing the Hill Cut and King Harman Road project who listened to the audio message, described his employer as a very kind-hearted man that has provided hundreds of youths of both sexes with employment; noting that even in lean times when money was not forthcoming from the Government, Gento kept them on the payroll and paid them.

As a humanitarian and a philanthropist, Gento continues to contribute generously to many worthy social courses, including providing scholarships for needy students. As such, Gento’s detractors should not seek to drag him into the murky world of politics.


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