Gento Prioritizing National Development Over Politics

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

It is important to note that there are certain endeavours that demand absolute concentration and dedication rather than divided attention. Total commitment in seeing that an initiative is well accomplished may sometimes demand an individual’s time and attention if only the desired results are to be seen emanating.

Besides, there is the popular belief that there could be various channels through which an accomplished personality could immensely and meaningfully contribute to the development of his or her nation in order to contribute meaningfully in uplifting his compatriots from the doldrums of poverty.

The decision by popular businessman and philanthropist, Mohamed Gento Kamara, who was the endorsed SLPP Mayoral Candidate for the Freetown City Council (FCC), to shift away from active politics and concentrate on his business endeavours could largely be seen along those lines.

Recently, Gento announced that is officially stepping away from national politics in order to focus on national development, a surprising revelation that was widely acclaimed.

As a matter of fact, though his political bid as the aspiring FCC Mayor garnered widespread support within the Western Urban Area , with the belief that he is resourcefully equipped or placed to give the city of Freetown a thorough facelift, there were however, some who, strongly believed that Gento is actually cut out for business because throughout his life he has successfully made significant accomplishments through the business entity he singularly established, the GENTO Group.

There is also a school of thought that holds the view that it was actually his philanthropic attribute that lured him into politics. They maintained that as a renowned philanthropist who had tremendously lend support to various human causes, Gento was of the strong conviction that if elected as Mayor of the Freetown City Council, he will be strategically placed to extend his philanthropic gestures to communities within the Freetown Metropolis and invariably would have touched many lives as well as bailed many from the doldrums of poverty.

Though he still pledges his allegiance to the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Gento’s clear preference for development over politics demonstrates his commitment to put the nation’s development at the centre stage.

Undoubtedly, the $1.5 billion Trans-Shipment Port, which he intends to roll out soon to be located at Banana Island, in the Dublin and Rickett Communities within the Western Rural District underscores and has further revealed his innate commitment to national development.

This significant project is expected to unlock substantial economic potential, lower fuel and rice prices, and generate thousands of jobs. It is estimated that during the construction phase of the project it will provide employment for over 1,000 people, with long-term employment for more than 10,000 individuals within the built trans-shipment Port.

Also, it will become a hub that has the potential to not only attract meaningful investors but significantly contribute in providing revenue for the Government, boost the country’s GDP, place the country in the spotlight and help in transforming Banana Island to become a thriving settlement.

Giving up politics has now availed Gento plenty of time to fully focus  attention on his business venture without any headache of having a divided mind; his ambition of turning around the Freetown metropolis into a buoyant and thriving city and at the same time be managing the GENTO GROUP.

For him prioritizing national development over politics could only be interpreted as a significant turning point in his life and holds the promise of him leaving a lasting and positive impact on the country’s future.


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