German Doctor Dilates on Ongoing Medical Camp at Choithram Hospital

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

A team of German medical specialists is currently in Sierra Leone under the auspices of the Choithram Memorial Hospital under a special arrangement facilitated by Dr. M. L. Baryoh, the Sierra Leonean Ambassador to Germany in collaboration with Interplast Germany, marking another trajectory in the annual event.

The German team comprises nine specialists, namely Dr. Med Lutz Gruhl, Dr. Bernd Heidemann, Dr. Olaf Weigt, Dr. Karolina Lischka, Dr. Franziska von Sievers, Mr. Nikolaus Brunner, Mrs. Andrea Schmidt, Dr. Friedrich Matthaei, and Mrs. Monika Schäfer.

With the aim at providing reconstructive surgery to those who heeded to a prior notice put out by the Management of the hospital, the German Medical Team has since the 9th January ,2024 commenced the free surgical camp.

After initially screening patients to determine the nature of specialized treatment to be administered to patients suffering from post-burn contractures, hand, feet or wrist disorders or deformities, hand and feet tumors and cleft lip and palate are now the main beneficiaries of the ongoing free medical treatments at Choithram Hospital and it must be underscored that the team’s primary emphasis lies in post-burn cases and congenital deformities.

In an exclusive interview conducted by this medium the Head of the Team, Dr. Med Lutz Gruhl, intimated that since the commencement of administering treatment, the team is performing approximately 10 to 15 surgical cases a day with the aim of targeting a total of 50 to 60 severe cases apart from other cases towards the end of their mission on the 23rd January, 2024.

He passionately pointed out they have another objective  conducting surgeries for severe cases especially on children with burns and disfigurements with the overarching goal of helping them socially reintegrate in their various communities.

Dr. Gruhl, the Head of Team, further expressed the view that their primary goal is to offer free reconstructive surgery to those who cannot afford it, with special focus on helping the neediest and economically disadvantaged in the country.

He acknowledged the pivotal role played by Dr. M. L. Baryoh in ensuring the holding of the annual medical camp and expressed hope to continue the mission with increased awareness and outreach in the future.

The team’s dedication extends beyond surgeries as they emphasize the importance of reaching out to more people in the provinces. Dr. Gruhl hopes to increase awareness and outreach for their work, aiming to help those in remote areas who may not have easy access to medical facilities.

Scheduled to conclude on January 23, 2024, it was also learnt that two of the team members will stay an extra week to ensure adequate post-operative care for the patients.

Dr. Friedrich Matthaei, a member of the team, also stressed the necessity to concentrate on the most severe cases and highlighted the challenges in reaching patients in rural areas. He emphasized the team’s commitment to avoiding luxury plastic surgery, instead prioritizing essential reconstructive surgeries for those who need them the most.


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