GRAND Expresses Concern Over Proliferation of Fake Degrees

Proliferation of Fake Degrees.jpg

By Foday Moriba Conteh

The Grassroots Action for National Development (GRAND) has expressed concern over the rate at which the revelations of falsehood in acquiring fake degrees have proliferated in the country.

According to GRAND, their concern was further deepened after a careful and thorough analysis of the allegations made by Dr. John Idriss Lahai over the mammoth number of fake degree holders in the civil services, Government agencies and other sectors.

In a press release issued on 29th April, 2022 at their 73 Adelaide Street Office in Freetown, GRAND expressed concern over the rate at which the revelations of falsehood in acquiring those degrees are increasing.

“We as an organization believes that quality education and knowledge are the most valuable skills and weapons for societal transformation. It is our utmost desire as an organization attending to the needs of young people of Sierra Leone, particularly in education to make it clear that it is intolerable for a developing nation to go through this untimely, unnecessary, misleading and pathetic act that is being allegedly carried out by some leaders in our society. It goes without saying that if there is no strong desire to acquire valuable and genuine education the future of our country is at stake,” the release read.

Ali Tarawallie, National Coordinator of GRAND said there was no way impersonation and fake degree can be normalized in Sierra Leone. He said all those Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad with genuine degrees will be exposed to harsh treatment and “elements of suspicion” which brings the nation into disrepute at all levels.

Reading from the press release, Tarawallie said a Government that identifies itself with quality education as its flagship endeavor, the “degree gate” revelation has the tendency to sabotage the gains made in the sector and question the viability of its flagship programme if stringent actions are not taken.

Cecil Dadson, Global Chairman for GRAND, called on the Government to inform the entire nation of their plan to address the issue and ensure that the future of the youth and the jobs they are genuinely entitled to be protected. “We should not wait to be judged by posterity,” he stated.

Jonathan Bob-Amara, Board Member of GRAND said the membership of GRAND is open to all Sierra Leoneans and that the objectives of GRAND include, but not limited to undertaking humanitarian and developmental projects and activities, specifically targeting the underprivileged, vulnerable and marginalized in our society, particularly women and children.

He added that GRAND also promotes and supports good governance and the rule of law through advocacy, constructive criticisms and awareness raising interventions, among several others.


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