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Heads to roll in Housemates Salone Reality TV Show

It has now become very apparent that in the ongoing Housemates Salone 2019 Reality TV Show there are more heads to roll. The last eviction that took place on Sunday 3rd March 2019 was the second eviction in the 8 weeks competition that will end mid -April 2019.As the days go by definitely there will be further evictions until the competition reaches its climax with an emerging winner who will deservingly bag the prestigious Le 100,000,000 star prize. For now the vast majority of the populace are speculating and conjecturing which Housemates will be evicted and those that will survive but what is certain is the indisputable fact that all of the current competitors are in a state of suspense. Conscious of the trend the competition is taking all of them are trying tooth and nail to capture the minds and hearts of viewers that watch the show on AYV TV Channel 34 and the wider public to cast their votes for those they favour via Africell No: 5500.
The Africa Young Voices (AYV) and Africell came together to organize Housemates Salone 2019, with the intention to provide entertainment and signicantly creating the platform for youth empowerment in the direction of natural self-expression, exposing innate talents and acquisition of new skills.
Presently, the Housemates are benefitting from experience gaining generated by interviews, lectures, artistic displays, social interactions etc.
It has been attested that these Housemates will gain incisive insights into different aspects of life that will give them an edge to be sourced by certain investors.
Housemates Salone has become viral and is on the lips of Sierra Leoneans from different walks of life who are expressing divergent views about the performances of the contestants.
The organizers of the Reality TV Show, AYV and Africell, have exhibited the competence to package the show investing millions of Leones in making it happen.
For such an achievement, both institutions have been widely commended and many have called on other institutions to provide a similar platform for the empowerment of young people.
From what was gathered there will be more unfolding fun that will continue to thrill viewers.
Heads are bound to roll as the competition progresses.
Who will really turnout to be the fortunate winner could be anybody’s guess. But for now Housemates Salone 2019 is a novelty.

SourceBy Ranger

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