Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally Remains an Influential Political Figure

Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally
Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

There is no way that the political history of Sierra Leone could be written without mentioning the name of a prominent political figure in the person of Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally. Judging from his long dominant roles played in the political transition of the country, it can be safely concluded that he is divinely cut or destined to continue to be a dominant and key political figure within the political landscape of this country.

From his pivotal role in shaping Presidential transitions to his strategic manoeuvring within political parties, Musa Tarawally’s journey through the corridors of power reads like a political thriller, with twists and turns, that have left an indelible mark on the narrative of the country’s politics.

Noteworthy is that his rise to political prominence began during the post-NPRC era, when he emerged as a key figure in the transfer of power to the democratically elected late SLPP President, Tejan Kabbah. His influence only grew from there, as he navigated through various roles within the SLPP hierarchy, including serving in President Kabbah’s Strategic Planning Committee and holding positions such as Moyamba District Young Generation Leader, Parliamentarian and SLPP District Chairman.

One of Alhaji Musa Tarawally’s most notable feats was his instrumental role in securing over 70% of the votes for President Kabbah’s second term elections in 2002. Working alongside a cadre of young and dynamic SLPP members, he proved himself as a master strategist, adept at mobilizing support and rallying the party faithful behind its leaders.

It is noteworthy that his political acumen further became instrumental during the transition from President Kabbah to the next generation of SLPP leadership. Recognizing that the party needed a fresh face to lead it into the future, Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally threw his weight behind Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, championing his candidacy and effectively sidelining other contenders, including the late Solomon Berewa.

Despite facing opposition from within his own party, his foresight proved him right when Bio emerged victorious in the subsequent elections. This victory not only solidified Musa Tarawally’s standing within the SLPP but also earned him the respect and admiration of his peers, including former political adversaries.

His influence extended beyond party lines, as evidenced by his appointment as Resident Minister by the erstwhile Ernest Bai Koroma Government in 2007. In this role, he demonstrated his ability to build bridges across political divides, forging alliances with opposition strongholds and addressing the concerns of SLPP supporters, including former Kamajors.

His tenure as Minister of Internal Affairs further cemented his reputation as a pragmatist and problem solver. Implementing initiatives such as providing rice rations to Police Officers he  played a crucial role in stabilizing the security sector and ensuring peaceful elections, which contributed to President Ernest Bai Koroma’s re-election in 2012.

However, his relationship with President Koroma eventually soured over disagreements regarding the 2018 elections and term limits. Despite being removed from his Ministerial position, Musa Tarawally remained undeterred, ultimately leaving the APC and launching his own presidential bid under the ticket of the CDP.

While his presidential aspirations were not realized his influence remained undiminished and threw his support behind President Bio during the runoff elections, playing a pivotal role in securing victory for the SLPP.

As Sierra Leone looks towards its political future, all eyes are now on Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally. With his wealth of experience, strategic prowess, and extensive network of allies, he remains a formidable force in Sierra Leonean politics, capable of shaping the country’s destiny and, perhaps, even ascending its highest office.


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