Honouring Invitation by United Sisters… APC’s Money Jagaban Storms Wellington

By Foday Moriba Conteh

Responding to an invitation  by the United Sisters Organization, based at Old Wharf Community, Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara alias Money-Jagaban who was born in Blama, Kenema District, Eastern Sierra Leone on Thursday 2nd March, 2023 stormed Old Wharf Community in Wellington, East End of Freetown.

Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara alias Money-Jagaban, who is  said to be among those publicly shortlisted to be the running mate of the Flagbearer of the main opposition All People’s Congress Party is a businessman based in the United State of America, founder and Executive Director of Our Care Inc. 4500 Forbes Blvd, Lanham, MD, 20706-6316, USA. a non-profit agency dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Chairman of the occasion, Lamrana Alieu Jalloh, in his address stated that if the All People’s Congress party is ready to emerge successful in the forthcoming elections then, in terms of resources, tribal bias etc. they must select Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara alias Money-Jagaban as the running mate to Dr. Samura Kamara.

He said he is of the strong conviction that he is the most competent person to be selected as running mate of the All People’s Congress party, of which he, on behalf of all, endorsed Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara as the running mate to Dr. Samura Kamara.

Welcoming the gathering, the Ceremonial Chief of Old Wharf New Site Community, Chief Pa Alitame A. Kargbo expressed appreciation to Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara for visiting his community.

He said that the Old Wharf New Site community is very pleased to welcome him and his entourage, adding that the community is faced with several challenges of which he called on Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara to help the community in addressing some of the challenges faced by residents.

Chief Pa Alimamy A. Kargbo said ,on behalf of the community, he is endorsing Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara alias Money-Jagaban as the All-People’s Congress Presidential running mate.

The Chairlady of United Sisters Organization, Hawanatu expressed appreciation to Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara alias Money-Jagaban for honoring their invitation, adding that the organization is a women empowerment movement based at the Old Wharf community.

She disclosed how the organization currently has membership across the Freetown Municipality and beyond, stating that since its inception the organization has supported so many women in communities they operate.

The Chairlady appealed ,on behalf of her fellow women, for Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamarain to support the progressive efforts of women not only within the communities they operate but in the country as a whole.

Addressing the gathering, Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara alias Money-Jagaban appreciated the amazing welcome he got from the people of Wellington.

He said that he was born in Blama, Kenema District, Eastern Sierra Leone to the late Alhaji Amara Kamara and late Haja Hawanatu Kamara, adding that he obtained his primary and early secondary education in Blama Town and progressed to the Prince Of Wales Secondary School (POW) in Freetown.

Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Kamara said his father was a farmer of which he also started as a farmer and later travelled to England after completing high school and later to the United States of America where he has investments. He obtained his undergraduate and postgraduate education in the US.

He stated that while in the US he established a company which currently has a staff strength of close to 500 with 70% of them being Sierra Leonean economic migrants and the rest of the 30% are nationals of African descent, Latinos, Hispanics and Native Americans.

Sheik Mohamed Kamara intimated that he is interested to be the running mate to the APC flagbearer, Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara for the simple reason of believing that one of the penalties of refusing to participate in Politics is that one ends up being governed by one’s inferiors and that is why he decided to come.

He said he strongly has confidence in Dr Samura Kamara whose main attribute  he said is not about the leader himself but about the people he serves further maintaining that a true leader is the one who helps his people to become successful.

Sheik Mohamed Kamara disclosed that he is in the race for the running mate to help transform Sierra Leone from the brink of despair adding that he wants to help Dr Samura Kamara to win the bread-and butter-battle also underscoring how he wants to participate in the fight for better education, more jobs and health care everyone will feel comfortable to be part of and work towards rebuilding our divided nation.

Climaxing the ceremony was when the United Sisters Organization presented a photo plaque to Sheik Mohamed Kamara alias Money-Jagaban as a sign of support and appreciation.


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