In Konta Village… Abdulai Jalloh Narrowly Escapes Forceful Secret Society Initiation Attempts

Abdulai Jalloh
Abdulai Jalloh

By Abubakarr Harding

The frequent rate at which cases of forceful initiation into secret societies are occurring, especially in the provinces, has of late prompted human rights activists to call on the Government to put adequate measures in place that could guarantee individuals unfettered exercise of their fundamental human rights to Freedoms of Movement and Association.

A Consortium of Human Rights Organizations in the country have renewed their call when the issue related to the attempted forceful initiation of one Abdulai Jalloh into the Poro Secret Society was discovered, an alarm raised and the issue went viral and has now become very topical.

Abdulai Jalloh was a total stranger in Konta Village, which is situated within the Port Loko District of the country in 2018 as it was the first time of paying a visit to that part of the country. Through persuading the uncle it was decided that on his uncle’s next business trip both of them will travel. Well that was how Abdulai Jalloh ended up being in Konta Village.

As it is natural with young boys, on the second day after sleeping in the village he was eager to explore to areas in order to confirm or corroborate some preconceived ideas he held of the village. After courting the friendship of one of the local farmers son by the name of Foday, Abdulai convinced him to take him around on the 30th September, 2018.

Abdulai drifted into another pathway. It was at this instance that he unassumingly and mistakenly from a distance saw members of a powerful secret society, the Poro Secret Society, dreaded for some not surviving its fearful initiation ordeals, performing some rituals.

Thinking that leaving the scene was a solution but little did the uncle and Abdulai know that it was not the end of a nightmarish experience.

Since some of the residents of the village know where the uncle was residing two botched attempts were made to kidnap Abdulai, who should have been entranced by a powerful ‘juju’ , transported to the village and forcefully initiated since it was a policy that a non-initiate should not see the performance of a ritual and he or she goes free.

Besides, threats were most times sent that the society members will one day come for him and no matter how long it takes they will eventually get him.

It was understood by this medium that due to sound advice Abdulai Jalloh decided to go into hiding and since then no one knows where he is currently residing. However, the fact remains that he is wanted by members of the Poro Secret Society in Konta Village.


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