Information Minister Urges APC to Reverse Boycott of State Governance for Effective Democracy

By Millicent Senava Mannah

During a Press Briefing that was hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communications on the 6th July, 2023 in its Conference Room, the Minister, Mohamed Rahman Swaray, voiced his deep concern over the All Peoples Congress Party’s (APC) impending boycott of the 2023 governance activities referring to the APC’s decision as a “betrayal of trust” further expressing hope that the Party would retract its stance.

Addressing both stakeholders and the Press, the Minister also outlined the potential fallout from the APC’s proposed actions and also underscored the party’s critical role as an opposition as well as emphasizing that the Party’s engagement in governance is vital for the healthy operation of democracy.

The Minister of Information and Communications indicated that the APC, should it proceed with its boycott, would be betraying the voters who had elected representatives into various positions, from the Presidency to Local Councils.

He reiterated that the position of the APC in tandem with boycotting the various levels of governance in which they were elected to represent the populace will be a big betrayal to voters.

He called on the APC to reconsider their stance further highlighting the potential implications for the electorates who have backed and voted for the party stressing the vital importance of upholding the mandate given to them by their supporters, saying.

The Minister expressed a wish by saying that: “It is my hope that the APC reconsiders their position because it will be a big betrayal of trust to their people who voted for them.”


  1. What is our law saying about such act like boycott? The nation must know now before mischief makers say otherwise. Be proactive on this matter before our gullible populace swallow poison


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