Introducing Helix T-Media Calibrated Pumping Machine… NP-SL’s Customer Base Increases Exponentially


    By Amin Kef Sesay

    With the introduction of the Helix T-Media pumping machine by the National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL), customers now have the opportunity to know the various types of products that the company offers, and this has resulted in a marked increase in the customer base of the company. Elated customers thronged the filling station of the petroleum giant to purchase their products. One happy customer said that this is what has been lacking, and this venture by NP-SL has enabled them to easily access the products that the company offers, and make the right decisions on what to buy. By this act, the company, he went on, has provided a one stop shop for its products.

    The introduction of the Helix T-Media pumping machine has now catapulted customers into the modern trend of petroleum marketing business, at par with international operators across the globe, with the aim of providing effective and efficient service to all who patronize them. NP-SL continues to break new ground in the way it markets its products, much to the satisfaction of its numerous customers. This is also being replicated in the sub-region, where it has its branches, namely: neighbouring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia, where it is diligently serving residents of those countries.

    One thing that sets NP-SL aside from all other petroleum marketing companies is its mantra of placing high premium on customer care. As far as the Shareholders and Management of NP-SL are concerned, their esteemed customers are priceless jewels, who must be handled with respect and dignity. It is against such a backdrop that the company always ensures that their numerous customers are given the best in terms of effective service delivery.

    Another remarkable quality that the company has is the tendency to match up with the latest technology and gadgets, which, in itself, speaks volumes of how serious it is treating its business, and more so, to enhance customer satisfaction.

    It is along this line that when it became obvious that the pumping machines it was using, years back, have become obsolete, Management decided to import the latest calibrated pumping machines, which display the quantity of fuel that a customer is purchasing, and at the same time the price. With the installation of these calibrated pumping machines the usual complaints of being cheated by pump attendants became a thing of the past, as transactions became very transparent.

    Recently, the company installed the latest Helix T-Media calibrated pumping machine at its Siaka Stevens Filling Station. This Helix T-Media calibrated pumping machine seemingly works as an advertisement gadget. Its difference with the former or normal calibrated pumping machine is that it has a television screen which displays all the products that NP has for sale.

    It avails customers the opportunity to have a thorough knowledge of what the company is offering for sale.  It therefore enables customers to tap into a much wider pool of the company’s products like NP-SL Gas, NP Smart, Castrol Oil etc. among a host of others.

    Speaking to this medium, one of the operators of the Helix T-Media calibrated pumping machine, Margret Daloma, disclosed that NP-SL is the first Petroleum Company operating in this country to have introduced it, adding that with this new machine, customers can now see a display of the various products available at NP-SL filing stations while purchasing their fuel at their convenience.

    “There are certain customers we wouldn’t be able to reach out to with our products without leveraging a powerful aggregated source of customer behavior display like Helix T Media. We have seen dramatic improvement in purchasing of our products since the installation of this machine at our filling station, and it has become an integral part of our audience targeting strategy,” she revealed.

    Many have praised NP for making available NP Gas cookers which are safe for cooking purposes. These NP Gas cookers are sold at reasonable prices and could be procured in all their filling stations, as well as from authorized dealers. At a time like this when it has been recognized that it is advisable, for health reasons, to avoid using firewood or charcoal for cooking purposes, the best option could be NP Gas, which is hygienic, clean and quick.

    Talking about effective implementation of Local Content Policy, NP-SL stands tall as it is truly the only 100% indigenous company that employs 100% Sierra Leoneans as workers. The company gives preference to employing Sierra Leoneans, which is a clear indication that it adheres to the country’s Local Content Policy, as utilizing local talents makes it possible for indigenes to acquire useful knowledge and skills through various training programs.

    The company avails its customers the opportunity to procure fuel by using its NP Smart Card, which a holder can use to buy fuel at Filling Stations. As long as the card is loaded with money, a customer can use it to buy petrol or diesel at a Filling Station without the exchange of physical cash, and its greatest advantage is giving customers security. It also prevents rushing to the banks to withdraw money for the purpose of buying fuel.

    It could be seen that NP-SL is a dynamic company that is striving towards giving the best of customer care, as is evident in the installation of the Helix T Media Calibrated pumping machine.


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