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Jagaban Offers Financial Support to Churches as Lenten Season Commences

Before the approach of the Lenten season, Sheikh Alhaji Mohamed Omodu Kamara, popularly known as “Jagaban,” extended a helping hand to churches across Sierra Leone with a generous donation of Le 220 million. This act of kindness is aimed at supporting Christians as they commence their observance of Lent, a period of solemn reflection on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jagaban’s philanthropic gesture underscores his steadfast dedication to promoting peace and religious harmony in Sierra Leone. Despite his adherence to the Muslim faith, he has consistently displayed his generosity towards his Christian brethren by providing vital assistance to churches in various communities throughout the country. Speaking from the United States via telephone interview, Sheikh Mohamed Omodu Kamara expressed profound gratitude for Sierra Leone’s religious tolerance, emphasizing the need to preserve it for future generations.

In Port Loko, Reverend Father Simeon Foday Kamara of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish extended heartfelt appreciation for the timely donation of Le 20 million, which will facilitate the renovation of the church ahead of an important pastoral visit. Furthermore, Jagaban was warmly embraced by the Anglican community at St. James Anglican Church, marking a historic moment as the first Muslim to extend such significant support to the church.

The generous contributions were disbursed among five churches in Port Loko, Tonkolili, and Kono, encompassing Catholic, Anglican, Wesleyan, and Holy Ghost Bible Churches. In Freetown, the Jesus is Lord Ministry and the Limba Pentecostal Church each received Le 35 million, while the Seek Ye First Assembly was granted Le 30 million. Additionally, Le 20 million was allocated to the Eastern Covenant Pastors Network, a coalition representing over 100 churches in Sierra Leone.

These donations were presented by Abu Bakar Baturay, Vice President of the global Jagaban Foundation, and Sulivan Khallon, the domestic National Coordinator, underscoring the organization’s commitment to supporting communities throughout Sierra Leone.

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