J&J Produce Company Awards Kono Farmer with Le240M Fully-Furnished House

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

In a gesture of appreciation for farmers contributing significantly to the cocoa and coffee industry in Sierra Leone, J and J Produce Company, a prominent player in the market and based in Kono District has awarded Mamadi Mansaray with a fully furnished house valued at 240 million Old Leones. This annual fair-trade raffle has been ongoing since 2020, with previous winners receiving prizes such as bikes and vehicles.

Mamadi Mansaray emerged victorious in this year’s draw, having sold an impressive 56,000 kg of cocoa to J and J Produce Company from 2022 to 2023.

The award is part of the company’s efforts to recognize and reward farmers for their dedication and outstanding contributions to the industry.

Sahr Pumue, the CEO of J and J Produce Company emphasized the challenges faced by farmers and underscored the importance of increasing the prices of cocoa and coffee in the market. He detailed the various incentives provided by the company, including valuable prizes like houses and vehicle, to motivate farmers to enhance their production.

Pumue shared insights into the initiatives taken by J and J Produce Store to support agriculture, expressing a commitment to empowering individuals and highlighting the profitability of cocoa sales. The “golden staff prize,” which includes a house and additional land, was valued at over 240 million Old Leones.

The winner, Mamadi Mansaray, expressed gratitude for the recognition and highlighted his involvement in the cocoa business since 2009. He encouraged young people to consider farming as a viable career option and expressed motivation to continue excelling in the industry.

During the award ceremony, Paramount Chief ,Aiah Moses Kamanda, commended the integral role of agriculture in the country’s development strategy. He praised J and J Produce Company for its contribution to boosting the economy of Kono District and urged farmers to remain consistent in their efforts.

Councilor Thomas, representing the Kono District Council, expressed appreciation for J and J Company’s positive impact on agriculture in the district. He noted that the company’s initiatives align with the Government’s Feed Salone program and emphasized their importance for Kono District and the country as a whole. The Councilor commended the company for spurring increased agricultural production and competitiveness among farmers.


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